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First Things You Should Do When Moving Into Your Home

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Moving house can be a tricky and daunting process. Once you’ve arrived, you might feel that it’s time to finally relax and enjoy your new surroundings. Of course, you can’t do this quite yet, since there’s a big difference between merely occupying a property and actually living in it. Let’s take a look at the urgent first steps to take from day one in your new home.

Move in Your Belongings

The first step is to get everything in and unpacked. It’s important to have your priorities in order, here. The large items, like sofas and beds, need to go in first. You don’t want to be trying to position these when there’s a whole lot of other stuff lying around for you to trip over. Storage items, like shelves, wardrobes, and chests of drawers, will provide you with a place to put all the smaller bits and pieces you’ll move in last.


Updating your Address

Your friends and family will want to know where they need to send their housewarming cards. If they’re feeling like sending a gift, they might even use a courier to send something directly to the new address. That’s a sure-fire way to make any new homeowner feel more at ease!

But perhaps more important are the organisations you need to keep apprised. You don’t want any correspondence going to your previous address, after all. Redirect the mail, and then run through a checklist of important organisations. Bear in mind when you’re telling the DVLA, you need to update both the driving licence and the vehicle log book – fail to do one or the other and you might end up having tax reminders never arrive, which can be expensive in the long-term.


Setting up Utilities

The last thing you want when you’re spending the night in a new home is to have no running water. Make sure that you check the tap early on in the process – that way you’ll be able to put the wheels in motion for getting the problem rectified. This goes especially for heating – unless you’re accustomed to taking freezing cold showers, you might find a lack of hot water to be fairly intolerable.


Cleaning Up

Before you use the kitchen and bathroom, you might want to give cabinets a deep clean. It’s unlikely that you’ll have an opportunity to access the back of the cutlery draw while it’s empty again, so give it a once-over. In some cases, a quick inspection might be enough to satisfy you – in others, you might deem it necessary to break out the bleach. This goes especially for toilets and bathrooms, where sanitation is paramount.



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