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Fixing Up That Leaky Roof Once And For All

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professional repairing roof

professional repairing roof

Fixing leaking roofs can be troublesome at times. Many factors can lead to a leaky roof, such as old age, missing shingles, holes, old chimneys, skylights, clogged gutters, etc. Trying to locate the source of the leak is tedious. The reason, the original entry point of the water and where the water drips can be different. Some leaks are easy to locate and repair yourself, while others may need a professional's assistance. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run, fixing a leaky roof before mold develops under the surface.

How to find the leaks on your roof

Your roof may leak because of defective plumbing or damage to your roof. Thus, before you call your local roofing contractor to fix the leak, determine its source to see if you can fix it yourself. Signs to identify a leak are leaking water, a strong, musty odor, mold, and water stains on the ceiling.

Roof leaks usually occur because of damaged shingles or roof planes with poor sealing techniques. The attic is the best place to spot the leak source because it is free of distractions caused by shingles. If you cannot locate the leak while it is raining, you can do a water test during the dry season on your roof.

A person can take the hose up the roof while you trace where the water is dripping from the ceiling. You can then remove the shingles to find the exact location of the roof hole.


The best way to fix a leaky roof

A roof's type will determine the kind of treatment you apply to it. You can hire a contractor after identifying the leak or search online for guides with related information. Here are a few treatments for a leaky roof.

1. How to fix Asphalt Shingles

After identifying the source of the leak, you can look around the site for cracked, curled, or missing shingles. You can determine whether a roof requires repair or replacement by inspecting the overall condition. Repair or install a new roof. If your roof has widespread mold or decay, you may need a professional roofer, but replacing a few shingles and sealing gaps may be an easy fix. Shingles are usually pliable during warm temperatures and brittle in cold weather.

You can soften the shingles using a blow-dryer to flatten the curved areas. Use a caulking gun to apply seal under raised corners after straightening to reattach the shingles. To fill the patch, spread the top bead over the edge with a putty knife. If shingles are missing or broken, you can replace them with new ones.

Use a pry bar to remove the old shingles and a utility knife to round back the corners of the new shingles. Drive one ¼ inch galvanized nails into the corners of the shingles, then apply cement on the nail heads and at the edges using a trowel.


2. How to repair damaged roll roofing

After identifying the source of the leak, use a utility knife to cut any blisters or bubbles to release air and water from the roll roofing. Should you find a damaged section of the fiberboard, replace it immediately before fixing the split. To finish the crack, spread a building cement beneath it and also around the edges, then drive galvanizing nails alongside each of the mended areas.

Apply roofing cement to the patched area, then place the roll roofing on top to cover it completely. You can add another layer of roofing cement to make the patch more watertight. Ensure it covers all the nail heads and the edges of the repaired patch.


3. How to replace damaged wood shake

Use a chisel and hammer to remove the damaged wood shakes. Use a set of pliers to remove the pieces, then use a hacksaw to cut the nails that had secured the old shake. Cut a new shake to fit in the gap (make sure you purchase one similar to those on the roof). Attach the new shake with two galvanizing nails, one ¼ in. long. Use roofing cement to seal exposed nail heads or a bead of roof sealant.


4. How to seal the leaky joints

You can check for leaky joints around chimneys and where surfaces join. You can treat small gaps using sealant, caulk, or aluminum flashing. The roof gaps that are up to ¼ inches can easily get sealed, but larger holes may require more than simple sealant. Ensure the surface is dry before you apply the roofing cement to make the area watertight.

You can repair loose flashing at a joint by applying bead cement beneath it, then press it back into place. If the area has rust, replace it with a new piece of galvanized steel flashing, then use roofing cement for fitting.


Tips to repairing a leaky roof

Repairing a leaky roof can be a simple procedure, especially if you are doing it yourself. If you feel the work needs a professional, you can go online and search for contractors near you or visit your nearby roofing store. Here are a few tips you cannot miss out on while fixing that leaky roof.

1.You should not delay once you notice a leak to avoid damaging your ceiling.

2.Locate where the water stains are on the ceiling.

3.Look for someone to assist you with the work. Get someone to help you locate the leak, pass the objects you need for the repair, e.t.c.

  1. Inspect the roof dormers to ensure there are no spots water can dribble down since the caulking has worn out.
  2. Replace the broken shingles, repair the curled ones, roof flashings, and seal the mounting holes in vents, satellite dish brackets, and nail holes.
  3. Fix the gutters by unclogging them, repairing damaged, or replacing the rusted ones.
  4. Use a ladder to climb the roof and ensure you don't damage other roofing parts with excessive weight.
  5. Check if your skylights got improperly installed and could cause leaking problems.
  6. Ensure that your roof does not have an ice dam building up since its weight can damage the roof and cause dampness and rotting if neglected.
  7. Ensure you've repaired all the leaking spots on the roof properly to prevent the leak from enlarging and causing more trouble during the rainy season.

Repairing a leaky roof can be easy and fun, especially if you like doing it yourself. However, it is appropriate to hire a professional if necessary. A leaky roof can be dumpy, messy, ugly, and expensive to fix if neglected. Thus, homeowners should fix leaky roofs immediately to improve the value of their homes.







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