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Four Reasons To Move To Houston

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Choosing to move can be an exciting yet nervous decision. People move to another city for different reasons, such as finding better jobs, being closer to family, living in a safer environment, or getting the chance to explore themselves.

No matter your reasons, choosing a place to move to can be difficult. There are many factors you have to keep in mind when selecting a place to move to, such as affordability, culture, security, traffic, and health facilities.

If you are looking for a place that is vibrant, safe, affordable, and offers chances of growth professionally and personally, then the South will serve you right. Many cities in the south side, like Houston in Texas, offer a culturally and historically rich environment. In addition, the city is known for being family-friendly and secure.

It is the fourth largest city in the country. It is also the most diverse city, where more than 145 languages are spoken. Besides that, many other great reasons make Houston one of the best states to move to, such as:

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1.   Affordable housing

When considering moving to a place, the first question that pops up is, “does that location have affordable housing?”. Unfortunately, due to rising prices, affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult; however, Houston offers houses at reasonable rates.

The city has a housing cost 89.8% lower than the average of the other more populous metros of the country. Moreover, because of the low housing costs, Houston’s total living costs are 35.5% lowers than the average of other large metro cities.

The reasonable housing factors make the city attractive, which is why most people move there. However, moving into a new home in a new city is challenging. There are so many things to move from one place to another and also organize, which can clutter up the whole house. However, Houston storage units are the perfect solution to this problem.

They safeguard all your valuable items, making the moving process even easier. In addition, many excellent storage facilities like Big Tex Storage offer climate-controlled storage units that protect your belonging from the hot weather in Houston.

Houston offers such attractive, affordable housing and overall low living cost because the Texas constitution does not allow personal income taxes to be deducted. Therefore, Houston falls under that constitution and allows its citizens to keep a large chunk of their hard-earned money in their pockets. Moreover, due to the thriving job market, people earn handsomely there, making housing even more reasonable.


2.   Incredible Educational facilities

If you want to move to a different city so your kids or yourself can find and study in exceptional educational facilities, Houston is the place for you. The city is home to one of the best schools and universities that provide quality education in an inclusive environment.

If you’re looking for a school for your kids, then one of the best elementary schools in the city is Alexndar Roosevelt Elementary School. The school opened in 1998 and has been thriving ever since. Besides that, there are excellent high schools as well, such as Seven Lakes High School, that are committed to excellence and nurturing their students.

Furthermore, Houston is home to up to forty different universities, colleges, and advanced learning schools. The University of Houston is one of the most exceptional universities in the city, with an award-winning faculty. The university provides undergraduate education to doctoral education, along with the option of taking online programs. The Art Institute of Houston is also another example. It is a private institute that offers excellent advanced art programs such as visual design, film and production, and culinary.


3.   Amazing food

There’s no doubt that the South has one of the best food to offer in the United States of America. Southern food is abundant in flavor and essence, enticing taste buds. Moreover, the portion sizes are huge in Houston, staying true to the famous saying, “everything is bigger in Texas.”

Moving to Houston will be a flavorful experience as the city has a plethora of street food choices, fantastic diners, and restaurants. The South is known for its famous southern fried chicken, and no one makes it better than Houston. The chicken here is succulent, tender, and savory, which tastes even better when served with mashed potatoes with gravy and some hot biscuits. A few of the most famous restaurants that serve the best chicken in the city include Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken and Mico’s Hot Chicken.

The city is also famous for its delicious, juicy fall-of-the-bone BBQ. The meat you will eat here is fresh, tasteful, and tender, unlike any you had before. It has a variety of BBQ dishes, such as bbq glazed pork chops, pulled beef, and classic steak. In addition, many restaurants here serve delicious hot Barbeque, such as Pinkerton’s Barbeque, Gatlin’s Barbeque, and the Pit Room.

Lastly, the city isn’t all just about savory food but offers amazing sweet treats, such as delicious pancakes. The pancakes come in big stacks with toppings and sauces such as Belgian chocolate, blueberries, and peanut butter sauce. The pancakes here can put a smile on your face, even on your worst days. Hence, The Toasted Yolk Café and The Breakfast Klub are the best places to try pancakes in the city.


4.   Great outdoor culture

The city is known for being a lively and friendly place. In Houston, you will always see citizens outside spending time together, talking, picnicking, and kids playing in the park. The reason behind that is that the city has a strong outdoor culture where residents, rather than staying the whole day in their house, always involve themselves in outdoor activities.

Families will always be seen out in the city and enjoying each other’s company. People in the city are able to do that because the environment is very safe and secure. It is also because the abundance of outdoor facilities and activities makes it easier for a citizen to be outside and have fun.

The city has many outdoor parks, such as the  Buffalo Bayou Park, where people do all sorts of fun and healthy activities such as hiking, biking, and running. Moreover, discovery greens is a famous park and garden that offers fun water activities such as boating and kayaking. Access to such parks and activities enhances and maintains citizens’ mental and physical health. In addition, being out in nature overall improves mood and lowers stress.

The temperature is mostly on the hotter side; hence, Houston is the right choice for you if you can’t stand the cold. Only for a week in the year does the city’s temperature falls below freezing point. Apart from that, its temperature is mostly between 70 to 80 degrees though out the year. Besides, people are more involved in outdoor activities because of the city’s warm weather.



Making the decision to move is never easy, yet it is always exciting as it lets unfold a new life chapter that will bring many adventures along with it. If you want your moving experience to be fruitful, then it is vital to choose a place that provides you with the potential for growth—one of the places that are very promising in the country in Houston.

The city is one of the top metropolitans in the country that offer inclusivity, a healthy environment with the best warm weather ever. It offers affordable living and housing costs and great job opportunities that pay excellently. Moreover, the city has a strong and proud southern culture evident through its delicious food. Lastly, it offers many outdoor facilities and activities, letting you explore and enjoy the city even more.