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5 Furniture Trends In 2020 To Spice Up Your Home

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 Furniture Trends In 2020

Furniture Trends

furniture designs

2020 is here and as a new decade starts, there are a lot of new things and  Furniture Trends we can follow especially in the world of interior design. While there are interior design trends we can expect in 2020, we can also see a variety of popular, modern, and antique home decor and furniture designs all across the internet and print media. Many establishments like SC Home Online Furniture Store can show you loads of furniture designs and types. And with all the technological advancement in the world we have today, you can finally get the furniture you have always wanted with just one click of a button. Don’t get too excited since there’s a lot of things you need to know first before updating your palace looks through furniture shopping.

With so many furniture designs to choose from, here are 5 Furniture Trends in 2020 That You Should Know so you can improve your home and make it trendy as ever!

 Furniture Trends

furniture trends

 Furniture Trends

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Furniture in the past centuries is considered non eco-friendly as most of them are made from wood. Currently, wood furniture is being replaced by recycled materials to be more eco friendly. The environment wasn’t an issue during those times as furniture then is made for the purpose of it being long-lasting and usable for the generations to come. But as we become aware and responsive to climate change. A little bit of care for our environment has impacted the trend of materials used to make furniture.

Eco-friendly furniture are those made in a way that there should only be a minimum negative impact on the environment. It means that if wood is used, it has come from a renewable source and any chemical used in the process does not destroy or harm the environment.

Nature friendly furniture can also be made from recycled items, from plastic bottles, steel and PCV’s. There’s a lot of modern furniture design in stores made from creative materials. And as everyone in 2020 would love to do something for the environment, this type of furniture is one of the trendiest we have so far. Remember that our nature should be preserved for the next generation to witness. 


Multifunctional Furniture

In a world where living spaces are getting smaller, having multifunctional furniture can help you use less space and make your room look bigger. 

Using multifunctional Furniture Trends has a lot of benefits aside from saving up space. A number of transformer furniture are actually cheaper than those bulkier ones. They are easy to clean, can have simple to complex designs, and of course, can serve multiple purposes. Examples of these are having storage drawers under your bed, foldable tables attached to the walls, a closet with a workstation in between, and many more. Not all furniture shops can provide you with multifunctional furniture, so make sure to look for good ones who can offer, like SC Home Online Furniture Store.

Geometrically-Shaped Furniture

In a more ‘techy’ world with visions of living in the future and beyond, geometrically-shaped Furniture Trends or geometric furniture has become one of the popular furniture trends of this generation. 

With materials made from wood, metal or anything sturdy, visible geometric figures (triangles, hexagons, octagons, etc.) form the shape of the furniture whether a bookstand, a chair, a coat rack, or a figurine. This futuristic approach to interior design is trendy and will greatly be more trendy in the years to come.


Antique Furniture

No matter how interior designs come and go, antique furniture will still remain grandeur, classic, and elegant amongst all furniture designs. They may be bought at auctions, bought from someone you know, or probably passed down to you from a hierarchy of nobility.

An interesting fact about antique furniture, they become good investments in the long run. If these are taken good care of, they can increase in value. Besides that, every antique furniture has a story to tell us. They remind us of past eras, truly a lot of stories these things can tell.

Industrial Design Furniture

Industrial design furniture integrates elements of historic, industrial, and commercial spaces that are turned into living spaces. Industrial interior designs are most common in urban areas and industrial design furniture completes the whole motif. 

Compared to the Scandinavian and Minimalist designs that give you a feel and texture of sheepskin, wool, and linen, Industrial interior design is rough around the edge and gives you a feel of hardwood and metal. They are rough furniture that feels like worn paint, are lived-in, or are distressed surfaces. The common colors of this furniture type tend to have a darker and leathery look. If an industrial aesthetic is what you want, this type of furniture is for you. Most furniture establishments like SC Home Online Furniture Store can offer industrial-inspired home decor and furniture, as most apartments and lofts in megacities have industrial looks. 

Though these trendy furniture types can hype the world of interior design, it all goes down to you and your preferences as the homeowner. Whether you’d like a rustic industrial feel to your home, a classic and elegant one, or probably something of a vibrant and vivid feel like a fashion statement, it is essential to look for a furniture shop that can offer you a lot of furniture options with the expertise of course in interior designing. SC Home Online Furniture Trends is led by award-winning interior designer Stephanie Cohen. She strongly believes that the heart to a great design is to stay current and at the same time not forgetting about the classic touches.  If you check out her designs, you’ll notice a unique touch in creating a space that is on-trend and can withhold the test of time. Stephanie Cohen knows that in order to create a true and pure design, you need to establish a good relationship with the person, not the pieces.  The place you live in should reflect who you are because you are the one living your life with it.

So if you seek  the best furniture and decor for your humble abode, always consult with experts and you’ll see it's the best decision you made ever!


Author Bio:

Stephanie Cohen - A native of New York, Stephanie Cohen has lived Interior Design for most of her adult life.  After graduating from the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Stephanie embarked on a career in residential and commercial design.  A world traveller, Stephanie has drawn inspiration and influence from a diverse group of cultures and countries. Her style has been described as clean with an opulent flair.



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