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5 of the Best Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Repairs That You Should Learn!

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There are various issues that your beloved garage door could encounter. Of course, these are some of the instances in where you have to fix it yourself. It would be too impractical if you will hire a maintenance specialist to troubleshoot the problem for you. If you could repair a garage door by yourself, spending cash for extra and costly services are not necessary anymore. 

But before you start worrying, you should double check your garage door first. If the door doesn't open at all, you should use its release cord. It is a last-resort component that would open the door in a "brute force" manner. If following this approach settles your problem, then there is no need for you to repair. But if it doesn't, then the problem could lie of the underlying components of your door, and it needs a garage door repair.

Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Repair

With a little effort and patience, you can repair any damages that your garage door have sustained. You might also need the help of some tools here.

Garage Door Repair

Taking Extra Precautions

When you are troubleshooting your flawed door, you have to exercise from precautions. Specifically, we recommend that you should start working with the door being down. There is a chance that the issue lies on a malfunctioning door spring. If you pull the release cord while you raise the door, it might crash to you.

Also, do not forget to deactivate the opener by unplugging it. In this way, accidents like losing a finger would not befall on you. It is also better if you could do this repair task without any people nearby. Your children or other housemates may be oblivious on the repair that you are doing. They might use the remote button of your garage door while you are still working. That could cause detrimental accidents like electrocution. If you have no prior history of working with DIY projects like this and you're just starting from scratch, then it's most likely safer if you hire a professional from fixquick garage doors. DIY projects can be fun and inexpensive, but if you end up sacrificing your safety by doing everything wrong, then it's much better to spend the extra money on professional services.

Wall Switch Malfunctions

If you noticed that the garage remote is working but the manual switch does not, there are two options that you can do. First, you have to replace the entire wall switch. Second, repair or replace the wires. Fortunately, it is easy to decide which of these routes you are going to take.

Garage Door Repair

You just have to remove the screw of the switch so that you can pull it out from the wall. Next, try to connect the underlying wires of the switch. Although it is true that the wires possess low voltage, you still have to wear your safety gloves. You don't want to leave your safety to chances.

If the door opener operates after doing this, your switch might be damaged. If the opener you have is an old model, you can replace it with a conventional doorbell. For those that have new versions of best garage door openers, you have to buy an exact replacement for it. Don't worry. It doesn't cost that much.

When the opener doesn't activate when you connected the wires, utilise a smaller wire to jump those existing wires in the opener. If doing this enables the opener, it just means that the parallel wires are damaged. You have to replace them with either 18-gauge or 22-gauge wires.

Garage Remote Malfunctions

If the manual switch is fine, but the remote is not, you simply have to assess its batteries. If they are dead already, you just have to replace them accordingly. If this doesn't do anything, you might have to replace the remote already. Fortunately, the selection for this device is not that limited. You can find a lot of varieties in your local home depots or online sites.

Garage Door Repair

If you cannot find an appropriate model for your garage door, you should look for universal remotes instead. Alternatively, you can opt on installing a brand-new receiver. The latter functions by replacing the frequency of the opener. It can also provide an automatic update for new codes for the rolling mechanism of the roller. In this way, thieves would not be able to crack your code.

You just have to plug the receiver into any outlet that is near the opener. Next, use the wires that come along with the receiver and connect them to the terminals in where your plug wall switch.

Closing Issues

There are some instances in where the garage doors open smoothly, but it doesn't go down unless you press down the wall switch. If you think this is the current problem that your garage door is experiencing, you have to check its safety sensors. Make sure that these components are aligned properly.

Garage Door Repair

The light that is being emitted by the sensors should work fine if there are no obstructions. But you have to remember that these sensors have limited lifespans. Therefore, if they don't produce any light at all, you need to replace them immediately. Just use the current sensor wires so don't have to do some extra spending.

To prevent the quick deterioration of the sensors, you have to keep them from the sunlight. Specifically, the eyes of the sensors are sensitive to extreme brightness and heat.

The Door Doesn't Work Even the Trolley Carriage Is Moving

If your garage door is having this issue, then there is a good chance that the trolley itself is damaged. Even if it is moving, it doesn't mean that it is functioning properly at all. You have to replace your current cart if this is the case. Before you remove the existing one, you should clamp the chain to a rail. In this way, you can keep the alignment of the chain and sprocket.

Garage Door Repair

If the chain is already secured, you can detach them on the two sides of the trolley. Remove the rail from its bracket and shift the track to one of the sides. After this, take out the existing trolley and slide the replacement model. You have to reconnect the chain and secure its tension. A stainless steel angle makes a sturdy door frame.

Final Thought

These are some of the approaches that you can do to fix your garage door. As you can see, none of them involves complicated procedures or components. You just have to buy the necessary replacement parts to accomplish these repairs. Luckily, most of the accessories of a garage door are not that expensive. Therefore, you can invest in them quickly without your burdening your bank account.

Do you know other do-it-yourself garage door repairs? Share it with us here!

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