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Garage Doors And The Effects Of Cold Weather

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The Effects of the Cold Weather

Wintertime can affect many things from a person to home negatively. Your garage door takes the beating due to wintertime. The mechanics can be vulnerable to the severe winter weather if not cared for accurately. What types of problems should you be having? Water damage, frozen materials, and opener difficulties are a few. We have listed a list of garage door issues that can occur and preventive measures you can take to guarantee your door stays in tip-top shape.

 Cold Weather Garage Door Problem

Continuous ad-heavy rain adds moisture in the air. Wooden garage doors will swell, making the door to brush or become stuck when opening. Water damage can destroy your doors this way. Make sure to tidy your gutter to prevent too much water flowing to your door or splashing into your door when it touches the floor. Freezing weather makes the possibility of shutting off your garage doors. It will only happen if water pools at the bottom of your door. As with the rain, always make sure to tidy your gutters. If you notice a change in how your door moves along the tracks, lubricate it as it can change depending on the weather. Some probably freeze in the cold weather making the door move slowly. Manufacturers program garage door openers to light, and if you use a thicker lubricant, it may result in the door as an object on the track. Which will then stop the movement of the door?


Garage Door Frozen to the Ground

It may appear possible, but it can be one of the most bothersome cold weather results on your garage door. If water puddles at the bottom of the door, it can be stuck and freeze the door shut, which doesn’t leave you many good or fast choices for a solution. Some steps you can deal with this circumstance are to:

  • Open the door manually using the emergency release cord. Know that this choice does not always work, depending on the gravity of the freeze.
  • Grind and scratch at the ice with a scraper or other device.
  • Use a heat gun to melt the ice, but be mindful not to use too much heat to metal doors all at once.
  • Drain hot water along the base of the door for an immediate fix, but be conscious that this can produce a more dangerous icy area if it refreezes.
  • Open the door in a while and wait for the ice to melt if the situations are already alright.

Any steps can take a lot of time and effort, and there’s no assurance it will work. The best way to manage this problem is to prevent it altogether by removing water pools and snow away from the base of your door right away.


Opener Problems

Problems with your garage door due to winter can take place in many ways that you need to look on carefully. 

  • Problems with lubrication: Most garage door openers need lubrication during the year to maintain the moving parts working smoothly. In the winter, it’s not unusual for these products to change consistency from the cold temperatures. In general, this is not good for the garage door opener and every working part that needs the lubrication.
  • Sensitivity settings: What’s worse is that most openers are programmed to halt and reverse if an object is in the way. Thickened lubrication can count as an obstruction. It is possible when the level of sensitivity is to program to light. The motor will interpret a new lubricant consistency as the door running into something, which will make the door stop.


Fight Winter Weather Effects on your Garage Door with Quality Door

It can be hazardous to yourself, your family, and your home if you try to manage garage door repairs yourself without the precise expertise of a professional. That’s why, at Family Christian Doors, we use skilled and long-term employees with field training instead of collaborating with sub-contractors.

If you have not winterized your garage door, maybe it is the perfect time to have it done.  Family Christian Door a garage door repair in Flower Mound can provide repair and replacement services. For further information, call us for free estimates.







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