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Community Garden Decoration Ideas | 5 Simple Strategies Any One Can Implement

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5 Strategies to Boost the Look and Feel of a Community Garden

If you’re involved in the creation of a community garden, you likely have been called upon to develop a space that is both functional, as well as attractive. There are five effective strategies that you should consider employing to boost the appearance and feel of a community garden space.

Garden decoration ideas diy

Garden decoration ideas diy

Place Park Benches in the Community Garden

A community garden typically is both an active space where people cultivate plants as well as a location in which people relax and enjoy the scene and the space. One strategy that you want to employ to boost the look and feel of a community is the addition of park benches.

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When it comes to park benches, you have a number of different materials to choose from, depending on your desired style and budget. The most popular materials are: But do not forget garden vacuum or garden seeker. On the topic of keeping your garden clean, make sure you have a quality garden vacuum to help get the job done!

  • concrete park benches
  • recycled plastic park benches
  • metal park benches
  • wood park benches

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Concrete park benches are a truly durable choice. Concrete park benches are not only virtually indestructible, but also very low maintenance. As an aside, you can also obtain concrete park benches in different colors. You are not limited to the traditional white-gray typically associated with concrete.

Recycled plastic park benches represent another ideal choice for a community garden. These types of park benches are lightweight. Despite being lightweight, they are also highly durable. Recycled plastic park benches are also an ideal selection for a community garden.

Those involved in establishing and maintaining a community are typically invested in environmental issues as well. These types of park benches are more environmentally friendly than are some other choices because of the recycled element.

Metal park benches are a durable, affordable, and traditional alternative. They come in a wide range of different designs, making it easier to choose benches that will best fit your particular community garden.

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Finally, truly traditional wood park benches are yet another option for a community garden. Wood benches do require a bit more when it comes to maintenance, but wood park benches fit a more traditional theme and truly complement a community garden.

Add Trash and Recycling Receptacles

In addition to park benches at a community garden, it’s important to have suitable and attractive trash and recycling receptacles on site. Even more essential is that there are both types of receptacles at a community garden. You may also want to consider specialized containers to hold garden waste and unique containers for compost, depending on how the garden is being operated.

Set Bike Racks at the Community Garden Space

Because of the types of people a community garden attracts, you likely will encounter a few people who access the space on their bikes. Thus, you should ensure that your community garden comes complete with bike racks. There is a wide range of bike racks, including racks made from different materials and designs.

Add Shade Structures at the Space

garden fountain

garden fountain

A typical community garden will include plants that require different levels of water and sun. These will include plants that do require more shade than others. In addition, people who work in or visit a community garden are also going to want access to shade.

Thus, another strategy that you will want to employ to make the most of a community garden is to add shade structures to the site. As is the case with park benches and other equipment, you will be able to select from an array of shade structures made from different materials and in various attractive designs, such as Kitchen Home cantilever parasols.

Use Planters in the Community Garden

Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter

Finally, when it comes to strategies to boost the look, feel, and functionality of a community garden, take advantage of planters and raised gardens. Planters serve as a space to grow herbs, produce, and flowers.

By employing these strategies, you will create a highly functional community garden. It will also be a space that is attractive and highly inviting. Your community garden will become a true asset to the neighborhood.






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