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Top 3 Ways To Get High Price For Your Property Through Digital Staging

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Property Value

Property Value

Virtual staging is a new age innovation in property selling. It got instantly popular amongst real estate agents. It provides a platform to present a property with proper interior design. An empty room is filled with furniture, artifacts, and wallpapers, etc. But everything is done digitally by the experts.

The customer doesn’t need to imagine how the property will look. Instead, they will instantly know the look and feel of the property. Thus, customers also like to check out property online where virtual home staging is done in every room instead of just bare room pics.

Here, I have listed 3 different ways to do real estate staging. All of them come with some downsides, along with advantages the Income Realty team of experts wants you to take into consideration. You can go through the list as mentioned below and decide the best option for you.

1. High-Quality Computer Generated Image

Send your empty room images to a CGI expert. He or she will virtually infuse interior design into the room. They will send a picture of a well-decorated room.


  • Outsourcing the task of home staging will save you a lot of time. The experts will do it faster than you.
  • They will generate high-quality and impressive results.
  • It is much less costly than the actual interior designing of the property.


  • If you want to get the job done by the best available option in the market, you will need to pay accordingly. It might pinch you in your pocket.


2. Virtual Staging Services

Some companies exclusively render services of virtual staging for realtors. They need pictures of an empty room. They will virtually perform interior design on those pictures. You can either take the photos yourself or invite them to take the picture. Unlike a CGI expert who renders CGI for various fields, virtual staging services only concentrate on home staging. Thus the end result looks like the work of a good interior designer.


  • It is a faster option in comparison to CGI.
  • It is less expensive.
  • They have experts available with them who knows how to customize a design according to a prospective buyer.


  • Your virtual staging service provider can overdo the room interiors. It can backfire when the buyer goes to see the property physically.

So it is essential to choose home staging services wisely.


3. DIY – Do It Yourself!

There are chances that you have a creative nerve for interior design. In that case, search for the best virtual staging software and start designing yourself.


  • It will be faster as you are working on one project only.
  • It will be cheaper unless you decide to charge yourself!
  • There are fewer things which give us joy nowadays. Do it yourself if it satisfies you creatively.


  • It’s not as simple as it sounds. Learning the software on your own and coming out with the best results is not easy.
  • The technicalities of the software may confuse you. The best virtual staging software can also crash. You might lose your work in that case.
  • Your amateur experimenting can cost you undervalued property or delay in the sale.



Presentation skills are all about impressing instead of informing. Virtual staging for realtors is a boon for property selling in modern times. Think about the merits and demerits of each way of real estate staging. Then decide what method of digital staging suits your need.

Real estate agents are there to buy and sell the property. They are skilled in that department. Thus, they should concentrate there and outsource the home staging task to the experts.







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