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Top 5 Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party

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Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party

Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party

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Your loved one just moved into a new place and invited you over. It is an exciting time for them, and you wish to take the best gift along to make a wonderful surprise. Whether you have been invited in for a tour, or its a house warming party, going empty-handed is not the option. A present brings lasting memories. There is plenty of giftware to choose from in every color and type imaginable. But the question remains, how do you make up your mind? A colleague may not inspire the same level of love and attachment as a family. Therefore the gift will vary from person to person.

If you are not being able to make it to a housewarming party, you can always look at getting the gifts delivered online. For example, you can always order cake online and put the delivery address. This will ensure that even when you are not being able to make it physically, you are thoughtful enough to get a cake delivered. At the end of the day, everyone loves cake!

In the list below are some of the best options of items to give as gifts. Whether it is for a Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party warming gift for your friend, a family member, or even a co-worker, this list has got you covered.

 Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party

Coffee Grinder

If the homeowners love their morning cup of joe, perhaps they are even notorious for their fresh brew because they grind their own, then this is the ideal gift for them. Albeit on the less expensive side, it is a thoughtful present for someone who loves their coffee. The KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with stainless steel blades is the grinder of choice. It goes from solid grounds to fine coffee powder in less than ten seconds and gives a hearty coffee flavor right away. With stainless steel blades, a powerful motor, and the variety of uses that you can put this grinder to (nuts, seeds, grains, etcetera), it is a valuable lightweight addition to any kitchen. Switching from one machine to the next can be tedious, so make a gift of this versatile grinder that only requires wiping off with a tissue.



It might not look what it is when you hear of it, but a seat like the Mohave Outdoor Pouf is a thoughtful, chic and expensive house gift for anyone that they are sure to cherish always. It fits well in the drawing-room; just arrange some patterned cushions to enhance the aesthetics, add in a nice throw to go with the arrangement, and their space will be transformed. It will work as a casual sitting place in the living room and give a nice touch of thoughtful luxury in the bedroom. Place it in your study or library, and the average reader may find excuses to read. And since it is an ‘outdoor’ pouf, you can place it on the terrace, deck, garden, backyard, or the rooftop.

With this pouf, your money could not have been better spent, as this ottoman’s yarn is repurposed plastic. Indeed, plastic bottles are recycled into yarn that is later colored and woven into a beautiful fabric, along with tassels to complete the look. The lightweight nature of the pouf ensures that you easily take it where your mood takes you. Fancy some cleaning? It is quite simple. Use the vacuum, and you are good as new. Need to get out some stains left by your little one while they colored? Use a clean wipe and a dash of some multipurpose cleaning spray.


Customized Mat

Unless your friend hangs a wreath to their front door, or they have a griffin shaped knocker that stills everyone to look at it, people usually look to the ground after ringing the doorbell. And imagine the excitement when they see a lovely coir material doormat with a customized message from them as the host. It can be anything — get their name on it with a hello, or the date they moved in, or maybe something humorous or their favorite quote. For example, one user had printed ‘No admittance except on party business.’

The mats come in three sizes: Standard (18x30 inches), large (24x36 inches), and double door XL (36x60 inches). Natural coir is excellent at preventing dirt and mud from making its way inside your home. According to Etsy, ‘the doormats are stain, rot, and mildew resistant.’ The best treatment it can have is to keep dry and get a good shake or a dose of vacuum when it needs it. You can also include a personal note with your Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party if you would like to.


Wooden chandelier

This Scandinavian style wooden geometric lamp is the best-designed chandelier that you will find for that warm and luxe look. It is better than any gift. It will spark conversation on style and fashion, making your loved one’s home classy. Wood is by its nature wild yet tame, homely yet sophisticated. So in a time where glass and metal rules, a finely sculpted wood brings charm and warmth to the living spaces. This is possible with the wooden chandelier.

The lamp becomes a beautiful piece of decoration and doubles as an intense light too. This chandelier comes in four different types of wood: cherry, mahogany, rosewood, and ebony. Choose the one you think will complement the home’s interior design. Perhaps you can even get the host to choose for themselves. It measures 15x17 inches and comes with a brown cord, socket, and cup. Requests can be put in for a longer cord.


Serving platter

The Hamsa Mezze Server is not just any old serving platter. Artisans have handcrafted it in Tunisia out of clay and imported from Italy. ‘Mezze’ comes from Persian meaning’ little morsels,’ and is a spread of appetizers and finger foods that is popular around the Mediterranean’ according to uncommon goods. The beautifully painted bake ware looks exquisite when placed among other servers, and may just inspire you to be delicate and mindful with your snacking.

‘Hamsa’ refers to the ancient right-hand symbol of protection that has inspired the shape of the platter and its pieces, which, when removed, reveals the big plate under. The dish may look delicate, but it is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. There is a similar seven-piece serving dish sold by the same store, made out of polished wood. While both invite one to play with the assembly, the hamsa mezze server gives a feeling of the Middle East that one finds lacking in the wooden servers. Sauces, chips, crackers, nuts — it is the perfect party snack tray.


Final Word

A Gifts To Take To A Housewarming Party is a wonderful opportunity to make a warm gesture of love by going in, accompanied by a thoughtful gift. The best idea is to choose something that brings purpose and style to somebody’s new house. If you follow the list above, every item serves that level of purpose and is aesthetically pleasing.



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