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Home-Selling Checklist: Things You Should Do Before Putting Your Home On The Market

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What should I do to my house before I sell it?

Home Selling Tips? You've decided to do it. You know it's time. You believe you've double checked everything and are ready to place your home on the market. But don't move too fast. You just may be overlooking some very important things that could potentially cost you the perfect buyer for your home.

When the time is right for you to move you, will need the right movers to help you. You should research local movers. You should read reviews and be completely aware of their prices. You should make sure they can fully handle transporting your belongings safely. Reliability is what matters when searching for a moving company. But before you select a group of movers, you need to get your home listed.

Before you get your home listed you need to step out of the shoes of the homeowner and step into the shoes of a prospect that is searching for a home to buy. That's where real estate photography comes in. This alone can be the different between an abundance of offers or no offers at all.


Perfect Home Price

First, when you see through the eyes of someone who is searching for a home you are going to want to the know the price of the home. As the homeowner, it is easy to list the home higher than what it is actually worth. You have loads of memories and nostalgia attached to a home. Thus, you may want to list the home too high. Step into the shoes of someone else. A buyer will be checking if the home in the area is selling for that price at that square footage.


Clean The Home As Much As You Can

Home Selling Tips

Multi-Purpose Glass cleaners

Second, when you pretend to be a potential buyer you will see that potential buyers do not want to buy a home from people who have a cluttered home. Clean the home before showing it to possible buyers. Anything that is broken repair it. Broken items are a turn off to buyers. Remove any valuables from the home since there will be a lot of foot traffic walking through the home. If you were looking to purchase a home, a home that was filled with junk, dirty and smelled funny would be a home you would not be interested in.


Conduct Necessary Home Improvements

Home Selling Tips

Clean the Gutters

Third, potential buyers will be looking for the quality and condition of the home. Pretend to be a buyer shipping for homes. Take a walk through your home and around the property. Look at the quality of the roof, paneling, sides of the home, basement and air conditioner. In the interior of the home, check the floors and windows. It may be necessary to have the home inspected for termites. Failing to miss this step could cause many buyers to not be interested in your home. Plus, you will need to be aware of the condition of your home before listing. The better the condition the higher the price. But if the condition is not the best, you will have to drop the price.


Home Decor & Staging

Home Selling Tips

Art Decor

Fourth, you should stage your home. Staging is very popular amongst luxury homes. But regardless of what style or price range your home falls into, staging is a technique real estate agents have done for ages. Staging involves setting up the home with decor, furniture, pictures and anything else that will make potential buyers feel like they are walking through a home. Staging allows people to imagine what the home would look like once it was all set up.


Make More People Engaged For Opinion

Home Selling Tips

Wall Art decor

Contact a friend or family member that you trust. Ask them some questions about your home. Get their opinion on things about your home that needs to be changed before putting it on the market. Getting the opinion of someone that you trust will allow you to see things from a different perspective. Ask them about the price you are expecting to list the home at. Ask them about the condition of the home. Ask them about any repairs that they think you should do before selling the home. Ask them would they be willing to purchase this home. Ask them enough questions to get an honest answer about your home.



Home Selling Tips

Auction House

Listing your home for sale is a major thing to do. Listing a home that is not yet ready to be listed could turn out to be a bad idea. Double-check things. Consider this list as a guide that will help guide you on if you are ready to list your home.





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