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The Artistic Elements Of HDB Interior Design You Should See If You Love House

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7 Outstanding HD Board Interior Design Tips

Board Interior Design Tips

Creating functional spaces within a building by understanding the behavior of people with the help of art with science is what interior design is all about. On the other hand, interior decoration is about furnishing a space with beautiful, fashionable objects. However, there is a tendency among people of using the terms interchangeably which happens due to ignorance about what these terms relate to. Now that you have enough clarity about the two terms, there should be no reason for any confusion. The work of interior decoration starts where the work of interior design ends. Since HDB interior design is a combination of art and science, it has its principles and elements. It is never an easy task to create aesthetically beautiful spaces that function in certain ways and help to achieve the goals of comfortable living.

In this article, we will discuss the elements of interior design, starting with space and followed by the line, forms, light color, texture, and pattern.

HD Board Interior Design Tips


The interior design revolves around space which is why it is the most crucial element. Designers build their entire plan around the space, which provides the foundation for showcasing creativity, and they must be aware and thoroughly conversant with it. They must have a complete grasp on the space together with its dimensions and utilities.  Space comes in two categories – two-dimensional spaces comprise of length and breadth only like the floor. The other type is the three-dimensional space like a room that has length, breadth, and height. In interior designer’s parlance, an empty space relates to negative space and a space filled with furniture and other objects creates a positive space. The interior designer must accomplish the task of maintaining the equilibrium of positive and negative spaces by avoiding overcrowding or leaving too much vacant space.

Board Interior Design Tips

Artistic elements of HDB interior design


Forms and shapes that fill up space are the products of lines that are responsible for creating a sense of unity, harmony, and contrast in a living space. Lines are the visual guides on any interior space and define shapes. Horizontal, Vertical, and Dynamic are the three types of lines that designers come across. Tables, chairs, and beds are examples where you can find horizontal lines and vertical lines are visible in doors, windows, almirahs, and doorways. Horizontal lines make space look safe and secure while vertical lines give a feeling of expansiveness and freedom. Angular lines belong to the category of dynamic lines and add dramatic appeal as evident from the design of stairs.


Board Interior Design Tips

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Shapes, in general, are what it means by forms represented in three-dimensional objects. Designers create forms by combining two or more shapes and accentuate it by using other elements like pattern, colors, and texture. When a form is well-defined, it establishes harmony and additional forms provide the balance to space. Man-made or geometric form and natural or organic form are the two types of forms that you will come across. Another way of categorizing forms is to consider it open or close. As the names imply, closed forms remain enclosed by a closed surface whereas open forms are see-through types.



Board Interior Design Tips

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The elements of interior design like pattern, color, and texture become visible due to light, either natural or artificial, which makes it one of the most obvious design elements. Light contributes to setting the mood and ambiance of living space and brings to life the other elements like line, forms, and space. Proper placement of doors and windows allows the entry of natural lights. Artificial lighting like bed and table lamps that have a defined purpose constitutes Task lighting. To highlight any object, designers use Accent lights, and Mood lighting helps to create the right ambiance.


Board Interior Design Tips

HDB Interior Design Steps

Colors help to connect objects aesthetically and set the mood of the space. Color psychology plays a vital role in selecting colors by judging what people who inhabit the space would like. Green embodies clam and tranquility and is the color that suits bedrooms while red is a color to use in dining spaces as it whets the appetite. Understanding the characteristics of colors that depict, value, hue, and intensity is essential to use various combinations.


Texture determines the feel and looks of a surface and adds depth and interest in a living space besides defining how consistent the surface is. The texture that you can see, and feel is Actual Texture and texture that is only visible is Visual Texture. A dominant texture defines the mood and dulycomplemented by a contrasting texture that helps to avoid monotony.


Patterns bring interior designs to life, make it interesting, and work in tandem with colors. Patterns narrate a story of their own that facilitate continuity of the elements and ensure a smooth transition into a living space. Patterns usually comprise of repetitive designs and can include any shape.

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