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How Do You Make A Stair Railing Safer

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Safety First 

Accidents can happen anytime, you must know that for a fact. Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere, and you have to be ready for it beforehand. Why do we wear seatbelts in cars? To give us a better chance of protecting ourselves in case God forbid, we get into an accident.  While crossing the road you have to see right and left to cross safely, or while cycling you need to protect yourselves by wearing a helmet and the required safety gear to avoid getting hurt.

The main purpose of safety is to protect yourselves beforehand for the worst possible outcome. Now let's come to the part where we protect ourselves while walking up and down the stairs. And for that we have railings.

A Staircase Railing Makes Sure Your Chances Of Falling Keeps On Failing

What happens if you lose balance walking on the edge of the stairs? You will most probably fall and get hurt real bad. And that is the reason why staircase railings were established to give support to the people using stairs. Let it be the staircase of a building or a house, you will always find railings on your side. The railings are installed there just to make sure you can keep that balance by the support you have on your side if you get tired or disoriented while walking up those steps. That’s when you do not have an elevator to go to the 11th floor, the staircase of 100 steps is there then, and that's not fun.


Safer Railings Perhaps?

What are the individuals we should be looking after? The elderly and the children, especially the children. For the elderly and the ones, who are feeble and weak, they need that railing support or their walker. Children as usual are hyper, playful and careless, hence they are not aware of what they are doing most of the time which can be quite dangerous if not under the supervision of parents.

So you can figure out now, what can playing on a staircase do? Railings are horizontal or vertical bars which are installed above the level or a story of a surface mostly on the edges preventing you from falling over. But sometimes these railings are not safe enough. Why?


The Height: 

The height of the staircase should be above the average height of the children, or if not, leaning over can be quite hazardous or injurious for them


Spacing Between The Railing Bars:

 Large spaces between the bars can be dangerous putting into the factor that children can stick their heads or there, or crawling toddlers can go through that gap.


Material And Quality: 

Wood is mostly the material the railings are made out of, so applying force or additional weight while taking support on it can eventually cause it to break.


There Are Always Railings Solutions Available 

Yes railings cannot always give the support it should, but what if you add more safety on it, more than it represents.


Add More Height

You can use additional paneling or add more height by using more bars to make sure it stays out of children’s reach.


Banister Fencing

To cover those huge gaps or spacing, you can use banister fencing, which are steel nets which you use to cover the spaces between the rails, taking the ability away of children squeezing through them.


Steel Instead Of Wood

Wood breaks with weight, steel doesn't. Stronger the support, more chances you have walking on the staircase safely. Stronger is safer 

When there is strength, there is safety