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How Home Renovation Can Transform Your Lifestyle? 

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Home Renovation

Home Renovation

We don't have to mention how important it is to renovate your home. It plays a very important role and also determines the mood of the place. With simple changes around you, you can get rid of mental health problems, stress and even anxieties. So, let’s get to know more about it. Below are some ideas that are given to renovate your house. You can also contact handyman services and maid services Dubai to support you through your renovation plan. 

Ideas to Renovate House

We all want our house to look good and beautiful. And, renovation not only makes your house brand new but also brings positive vibes. Below are some basic ideas you can use for renovation purposes. For any extra help, you can hire cleaning services in Dubai

1. Paint your Walls 

You can give your dull boring wall an interesting look. Select a paint of your choice and make your wall look as you want to. It is not just a coat of paint, but you can say it is a way to bring positivity and rearrange reality. Use your creative knowledge to make the wall look beautiful. 

You don't always need an expert to paint your house. You just need to be organized to get what you want, a transformation of your room. First, take a brush and mark which color is best suited on the walls of your room. Warm and inviting colors are becoming popular day-by-day. Hazelnut paints are never an off-season. Other examples that you can opt for are dark green, lilac grey, muted pastel etc. 


2. Ceilings 

Statement ceilings are very popular and are trending now. In recent times crown modelling, tray ceiling and more are popping up. We often ignore the ceiling but decorating the ceiling plays a very important role. Mostly the guest you have invited, notices the ceiling first, after entering the room. 

Now, just imagine how your room is going to look when all the walls are rightly painted, but not the ceilings. It adds charm and value to your house. However, before putting paints on the walls try to get the corners right. 


3. Stair Runner 

There are so many things you can do to make your house look pretty and attractive. Have you ever thought of installing a stair runner? Most people are unaware of the various types of stair runners available in the market. There are mainly two styles that you can install for your house. The first style we are going to discuss is Waterfall stair runner and the second one is Hollywood stair runner. 

The Waterfall stair runner is the one that flows down the stair and route at the base of each step. On the other hand, the Hollywood stair runner is the one that extends and fits close to the riser. There are different geometrical shape stair runners. First, see which runner goes with the surrounding stuff. You can also contact handyman service if you are unsure of anything. 


4. Dishwasher in the Kitchen 

Installing a dishwasher can be a very smart move to renovate your house. Simple and useful things can make a huge difference. You must have any of the dishwashers mentioned here — integrated dishwasher, free-standing dishwasher and a drawer dishwasher. 

A dishwasher can be wrecked because of being old, so it's the right time to replace it. A budget plan is very important over here. It will help you to purchase dishwashers from any reliable store. 

The Built-in dishwasher is the most popular one among all the dishwashers. But, if you don't have enough space to install a dishwasher, then you can go for a portable dishwasher and can place it under the cabinet in the kitchen. 


5. Lantern 

You can go for a lantern at the entry of the house. Vintage entry lanterns will be perfect for hanging purpose. Choose the one that has been crafted by a blacksmith rather than machines. It has a basic and sensible design and it will look lovely and delightful. It is easily purchasable and can be found at an affordable price. And, even you can repair it, by yourself, if needed. The best choice will be a mid-century lantern with an amber glass panel. 


6. Renew Old Flooring with Paint 

You can also paint your floor to make your house look like a completely new one. It is also used to update the space of your room. First, you need to check if your floor is suitable for paints or not. If you are in doubt, then you are recommended to check to ensure the compatibility of the hardwood floor. Also, test the porosity and moisture. All these tests are very much-needed if you want to paint your floor. On the laminated floor, you are recommended to use oil-based floor paint.


7. Lighting Fixture 

Lighting is very essential and plays a very important role. It can either make your house look best or make it look worse. In 2020 and in 2021 new lighting fixtures are popping up. You can go with an industrial look which is becoming very popular nowadays. It is a sculptural fixture mixed with metal and stone. Different geometric shapes are available in the market, so choose the one that is best suited.  You can hire a carpenter in Dubai to help you out if you want to decorate the patio or deck.


8. Windows 

Sunlight entering through can be a bit annoying. So, for that, you can wood shutter window. It is mainly used in southern and urban houses and will add architectural and historical details. They are like this thin frame, easily installed on any window. It will be very helpful at the time of winter wind and even in summer excessive heat. 


9. Cabinet in Kitchen 

You can opt for a makeover of your cabinet into a new one and give your kitchen cabinet a completely new finish. Don't go for the dark cabinet, it will not help you rather will suck all the lights out. Therefore, you are advised to go for the brighter one. You don't have to replace the boxes. You can only clean them up and paint them to look like a new ones. You just need a strong cleaner, paintbrush and paint of your choice. 

For a kitchen renovation, you can trust handyman services. So, choose a reliable and trustworthy service, to assist you in home renovation.


10. Plant trees in your garden 

You can also decorate your garden by planting more trees. It will be very charming and delightful. Your garden will help you to make your house look even more beautiful. Basically, you can plant different flowers and use different techniques to control plant growth. The entire effort will bring positivity and good vibes. 



So, you can see all the details about the home decoration is given above. If you are too busy, then you can go for handyman services. You can also do some research work before finalizing anything. Simply, take your time and make the right choices, and don't need to rush into anything. 







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