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How Much Does Roofing Service Cost?

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professional roofing contractor

professional roofing contractor

Everything requires being taken care of in order to work properly, and roofing needs are by no means different. Home and business owners know better than anyone about the importance of opportune reconditioning of the top of the building; it helps incredibly with keeping it cozy and comfortable for people, as well as can be quite useful in avoiding emergency services (which are typically more expensive than the regular roofing repair).

Speaking about the expensive, roofing services cost is not something that has an accurate price that cannot vary; on the contrary, it can change based on various factors, which are going to be discussed here in this article. So, let's clear all possible questions out and understand the roof repair sphere numbers better. We would like to remind you that this article is meant for informational purposes only, and all details should be talked through with qualified specialists.

What can affect the price of roofing services

In the roofing industry, there are many factors that can define the final cost of one's work; whether it is a new roof or the old one, what is the type of damage that has to be fixed, which services are needed to achieve the desired result, - points here are practically endless.

So, let's have a closer look at the basic list anyone should think about before calculating the approximate budget limits when it comes to roof repairs. We would like to remind you that it can vary depending on the company of choice, so all factors should be discussed with professionals before making the final decision.


The location

The first factor you should consider is, of course, the position of your building. For example, Philadelphia roofing contractors' price is approximately $6000-$7000 depending on the level of damage, required materials, and other fees. Once again, we would like to remind you that this is strictly individual based on your needs, so discuss everything with a professional first.


The complexity of the order for roofing contractors

The flat roof replacement for a business building and, for example, garage roof will cost different, that's a fact. All because they have different levels of complexity and demand dissimilar amounts of building materials, time, and efforts from the workers during the whole process. Typically, websites of roofing companies have lists with all factors that can affect the price.


The condition of the roof

The condition of the object matters because it defines the type of services required (replacement or just partial repair), the amount of time needed for its reconstruction (the longer it would take - the more expensive it will be), and the level of the damage in general. So, don't postpone this task for too long and make sure you deal with minor deformation on time in order to avoid a shocking bill at the end.


Shingle type

The roofing material used during the working process is one of the most important factors when it comes to the final cost. If you would like to choose such materials as clay shingles, fiber cement shingles, metal roofing, slate tiles, wood shingles, and many others (the complete list can be found in the roofing companies of choice), the price may be a little higher. In case you are not sure what type to pick, consult with specialists, so they can analyze the condition of the roof and calculate the final price for your individual case.


Roofing Philadelphia: How much would it cost

The roofing price in Philadelphia (PA) is typically charged per roofing square (100 square feet). Let's have a closer look at the most typical choice - asphalt shingle roof. The minimal price in the roofing business will be approximately $5000. Once again, we would like to remind you that the final number depends a lot on various factors.

Except for the material and the high-quality work, you should also consider the option of the inspection; in this way, every step of the process is calculated specially for you based on the building's needs. Don't forget that the company charges the replacement services on their own, that's why the price may vary too; however, mind that cheap - doesn't mean qualitative. Your building deserves the best service!

And in case you are looking for a locally owned Philadelphia roofing company, we would like to give you an example - Al's Union Roofing works with both private and commercial buildings. More than 20 years of experience in this sphere, a wide range of available services, as well as high-quality work done with different objects, made this company popular among thousands of customers out there. And don't forget about the affordable price - this factor is among the most considered!


Factors that would make the cost higher

  • The building has multiple stories;
  • It has a steep pitch top;
  • There are multiple roof areas (it is complex);
  • The picked shingles and underlayment price is higher;
  • The replacement of the existing roof is required;
  • Copper valleys and flashing are installed;
  • Storms are typical for your area (or has recently hit it).


Aspects that would lower the cost

  • The object is a single-story home;
  • The roof has a standard pitch;
  • There is no need for gutter cleaning, roof repairment, or shingles replacement;
  • The condition of plywood underlayment is good;
  • Standard-quality materials are picked for the work;
  • The roof is easily accessible;
  • Weather conditions are good (there is no rain, storms, etc.).



We really hope that now you understand the factors the roofing costs depend on much better. We tried to gather all the most helpful information that you can use later for your personal needs.

Before choosing the right option for your needs, talk to a specialist in order to understand whether they are able to fulfill all your roofing needs. Not to mention that during conversation you'll be able to listen to one's answers and see whether they are competent enough to complete all needed tasks.

Hopefully, our article was useful. That's all for today. Analyze the needs and get your roof installed by top roofing contractors today!







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