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How to Avoid a Stressful Move

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How to Avoid a Stressful Move

Stressful Move

Stressful Move

Whether you are moving a few items or your whole household, moving is a stressful process. From packing to labeling and moving, there are so many steps you need to follow. In addition, it is not a process that everyone can handle.

Without skills, the right packing materials, enough manpower, and knowledge on how to get started, you will have a very frustrating moment. But when you are well prepared, you can manage the stress that comes with moving and enjoy living in the new home. 

One of the best ways to manage the pressure is to engage specialists. When you hire a specialist to handle the job, you will be sure the job will be well done. NYC commercial movers are professionals who have managed many moving projects.

In addition, they are qualified, experienced, and have the right tools for the job. For instance, when moving your office stuff, office movers will help you pack, protect the important documents and records, and ensure you settle on time in the new office. 
If you are planning to move, here are seven tips on how to avoid a stressful move. 

1. Accept that pressure is part of moving

To overcome moving stress, you need to accept that pressure is part of moving. Once you accept that stress is part of moving, you will be able to overcome it.

Think of other situations when you accepted occasional stress as part of the process and overcame it. However, do not allow stress to discourage you from the project at hand. 

2. Set enough time for the moving process

One of the main reasons for having a stressful moving process is lack of time. Without enough time to move, you will work under pressure. So, if you can manage to set enough time for the project, you can reduce stress.

Start sorting items and packing as early as you can. If you are moving you’re a two or three-bedroom house, for example, you can start packing one or two months earlier. However, make sure you pack only what you do not use regularly. 

Also, set enough time for other tasks as well. For instance, you need to start searching for a professional moving company, getting packing materials from, and setting up utilities in the new house. But if you start the process at the last minute, you will work under pressure. 

3. Start small

If you want to move a mountain, you have to start carrying away sand and tiny stones. Also, if you want to relocate your home, you need to start small. Handle the little things first and then move to the big ones.

If you are not sure where you should start, just do something. You can start decluttering your bedroom or your kitchen or start packing your children's items. 

When you make a progress, whether small or big, you will be able to avoid a stressful move. Also, when you start small, you will be able to handle the challenging task of moving.

4. Be organized

Being organized is the key to having a stress-free move. It refers to every step of the moving process. From sorting, packing, labeling the boxes, moving, and unpacking, everything should be organized.

Also, if you manage to get a reliable moving company such as NYC movers, you will avoid the stress associated with hiring unreliable movers. 

Once you remain organized throughout the moving process, you will have fewer headaches and enjoy a smooth move. 

5. Hire professional movers

Hire professional movers

Hire professional movers

If you are moving your whole house or office, hiring professional movers is the best option. Apart from helping you lift the heavy pieces of furniture when moving, they will help you pack your belongings properly.

Moreover, if you do not know how to pack or move fragile items, experienced movers will help you handle the task. They know the best packing materials to use and the best way to move them. This means less stress on your part.

All you need is to research and ensure you hire the best moving company. Go through customer reviews and feedback to make sure you pick a company with a good reputation and trustworthy service.

6. Seek help

Another way to avoid a stressful move is asking for help when you are stuck. If you are not sure where to start or you are feeling stressed during the move, seek help from family members or friends.

Having extra hands can reduce the stress of moving. Moreover, two heads are better than one. Maybe your friend knows how to pack valuable items or has the skills to disassemble pieces of furniture. 

Once you plan ahead, remain organized, and ask for help when stuck, you can be certain the process will be successful. Also, involving professional movers is another channel where you can get help.

7. Get enough sleep and take a rest

When there are many tasks to be done, it is easy to work without resting. But you need to understand that the less rest you get the more you will be stressed. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep and take a rest when necessary.

Moving is a project that can drain you mentally and physically. So, if you are not sleeping or taking enough rest, your body will not work as expected. You might not be able to pack or sort your items. 

Therefore, allow yourself to properly recharge by sleeping at least 8 hours every night, eating well, and taking a rest when you feel tired. 


Life is very stressful and the moving process is no exemption. Therefore, handle what you can and ensure you take care of yourself while moving. Plan ahead, involve friends and family, or hire a professional if you can.

By recruiting experts to help you relocate, you will have managed to eliminate the most challenging part. They will help you pack, disassemble furniture, lift big items, and safely move your items. In addition, they will make sure you settle in the new home or office on time. 





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