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How To Choose A Reliable Moving Company

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moving company

There is always a degree of excitement when you think of shifting to a new location- whether it's for a new job or personal reasons. However, packing and moving can be a cumbersome task if you have stayed at your previous address for a long time, and there is much that you cannot leave behind.

Choosing a reliable moving company is the best option here as the professionals can help you pack and move your belongings without worrying about the time or the effort that goes into this elaborate and necessary aspect of shifting. You can check out professionals like Suddath Moving Company for more information.

Steps for Choosing a Reliable Moving Company


1. Acquire Referrals

While checking out online reviews is a great place to start, you should also seek out referrals from people who have used a moving company. They will be able to share far more details than what you can come across online.

You will find out about how the staff interacts with their clients and how they handle items firsthand. You can start by asking your neighbors, coworkers, or relatives who have used their services before.


2. Ask for Quotes

You must ask at least three companies about their charges before you settle for any one of them. Do not just settle for the one who has given you the lowest quote.

After they come over to look at the things that have to be packed and moved, ask them about their handling things, mode of transport, and related questions. A company might charge you a little more than the next one, but they might be far better equipped to handle delicate items during removal.


3. Check Their License And Insurance

Make sure that the moving company is sufficiently licensed, preferably under the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the American Moving and Storage Association. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau. Check the number that they use for interstate transfer and cross-check the details yourself.

You will be able to find out if they have any police records for mishandling client items. You must also find out about the compensation methods should your belongings be damaged en route and whether your goods would be insured. Insist on Full-Value Protection as much as possible.


Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Once you have more or less zeroed in on a couple of moving companies, make sure you ask the following questions to find out more about them before making your final selection.


Is The Company A Direct Carrier Or A Broker?

Moving companies operate in two ways. The carriers have their vans and staff, and they are directly responsible for packing and moving your items. However, some movers partner with van lines who are responsible for transporting your belongings. It often involves a bidding system with the partner companies bidding to do the job. This can lower the prices. However, you have checked the credentials of two companies in this case, so choose your options wisely.


What Do The Charges Cover?

You should find out all the aspects the charges cover to avoid paying additional charges later or eliminating chances of incurring hidden costs. Ideally, the charges should cover loading and unloading, packing and custom-crating, if required; furniture disassembly and assembly; transportation, storage, and shipping.

Ask about the complete price break-up and ask about the factors taken into account when they provided you with a quote. Check if the charges are based on the shipment weight, the distance to be covered, or by calculating hourly rates. This will give you a better understanding of what you are paying for.


Does the Company Conduct A Background Check On The Employees?

Everyone indeed tries to provide honest labor, but you can never be too careful when you have to rely on strangers to handle your belongings. Ask the company if any of the employees responsible for handling and transporting your items have ever been convicted on charges of theft or whether they have ever been fired from their previous companies due to complaints of causing damage.

They may have turned over a new leaf, but you still need to be careful, especially if you have something valuable among the possessions that you are moving, like antique objects. It would be even better if the company can provide you with tracking details of the vehicles moving your items.

By keeping these few points in mind, you will be able to choose an excellent moving company when you think of shifting homes. You can get more details from experts like Suddath Moving Company.