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The Top Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters | How to Choose Plantation Style Shutters

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Plantation shutter is a very beautiful window treatment. Spring is here and that means what was once gone has come back, flowers bloom, birds chirp, bees buzz, and wildlife delight. Everything just looks so fresh and vibrant.

Well, maybe not everything. Like those windows. If you're thinking about updating your windows this spring or summer you're not alone. Even the most spectacular view can be ruined by an old and dusty window treatment.

When it's time for an update there's no denying it. Give your windows the treatment they deserve. Plantation style shutters. Find out the top reasons to install plantation style shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Save Money

Installing plantation style shutters in your home can actually help to save you money. This is because these shutters are incredibly energy efficient and can both help to heat and cool your home year round.

In the summer months, plantation style shutters can be used to deflect the sun away from the room while allowing ventilation. This keeps the sun from beaming straight into the room increasing the temperature. With plantation style shutters your air conditioner won't have to work has hard.

Conversely, in the winter months, the closed shutters act as an insulation against the cold. Keeping your house warmer and requiring you to turn the heat on less.

There are even smart plantation style shutters that will automatically adjust based upon how much or little sunlight the shutters receive.

Increased Privacy

One of the hardest balances to maintain in a home is being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in, without strangers seeing into your home. Or worse yet, that neighbor or friend whom you told you weren't going to be home. Even though you are.

Don't trap yourself in a dark, locked house to avoid being seen. Plantation shutters can be angled in almost any direction. You can allow the fresh air from outside to come in. While angling your shutters so that people outside can't see in.

Sunlight Control

Not only do plantation style shutters provide more privacy and can control the amount of sunlight that enters a room. These interior shutters can also give you control on the direction of the sunlight.

That glare on the TV that makes viewing all but impossible, can now be taken care of by adjusting your shutters. Want to sit in your favorite chair and read the paper but can't? Adjust your plantation style shutters and shift the ray of sunlight to another part of the room.


The biggest draw for plantation shutters, of course, is how stunning they look. There are a variety of different styles, materials, and even mountings and fittings to choose from.

They can be custom cut to fit your windows perfectly and breathe new life back into your room. Plantation style shutters can either cover the whole window or only half the window.

One of the reasons people choose plantation style shutters is because they look good both in and outside the home. Interior shutters can still be seen from outside. Remember to choose a shutter style and color that will look great from inside and outside the home.

Easy to Clean

And lastly, because there is nothing worse than a dirty or dusty window treatment, plantation style shutters are easy to clean. So easy to clean, in fact, all you need is a damp cloth.

You can wipe down the shutters periodically with just a damp cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt. The best part about cleaning them though is that you can do it without taking them down.

Because plantation style shutters are wider and thicker than other shutters or blinds they have a wider surface area. This means less hard to reach areas, requiring the shutters to be removed.

You can leave your shutters right where they are and keep them looking fresh and spectacular all year round.

Protect Your Furniture and Save on Taxes

Plantation style shutters can actually help to protect your furniture and walls. While other blinds and shutters will keep sunlight out somewhat, they don’t really keep the sun from beating down on your furniture. This can result in sun damage like bleaching, fading of colors, and washing out of walls.

Plantation style shutters, however, are able to angle the sun in the room away from your furniture and walls. Keep in mind, however, angling your shutters to shine the sun on the same spot of wall or flooring to avoid your furniture will still damage the exposed area. To avoid this move the shutters as the sun moves.

Also, with installing plantation style shutters, you’ll be able to save on your taxes when you go to sell your house. This is because the IRS views the installing of interior plantation style shutters as a capital improvement to your home. Keep your receipts and records handy when you file your taxes next and you’ll be able to save on taxes when selling.

And since the IRS considers custom interior shutters a capital improvement on your home, the value of your home will increase as well. Not only could you save on your taxes when you decide to sell, but also could increase the value of your home allowing you to sell it at a higher price.

Choosing Plantation Style Shutters

When it comes to interior shutters it's hard to top the plantation style. They are durable, easy to clean, allow for control of privacy, and can save you money.

While the initial installation may be on the higher end, the ability to save money on your heating and cooling bills in the years to come is worth considering. Being able to angle the sunlight away from you and the room will allow for a more comfortable setting and a lower cooling bill.

Plantation style shutters also afford a level of privacy that most other shutters or blinds can't grant.

Whether your old window treatments have seen better days, or it's just time for an upgrade, plantation style shutters are tough to beat.

Plantation shutter installing can be daunting task, below is comprehensive how-to guide for people interested in becoming proud owners of plantation shutters

YouTube video on how to install plantation shutters

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