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How To Choose The Right Custom Signs For Wayfinding In Your Hospital?    

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Have you been on the hunt for a creative navigation system for your healthcare center? Being put in an unknown place can certainly be frightening or annoying for the patients visiting your facility.

With well-placed custom signs for wayfinding, visitors, patients, and residents can find their way anywhere inside the building. They will guide them to places they're seeking more simply.

Why Do You Need Custom Wayfinding Signs in Your Hospital?

The following are four reasons why people fail to navigate a hospital and can benefit from custom wayfinding signs.

  • Hospitals have complex environments where later additions and changes potentially jeopardize the initial wayfinding settings.
  • Even the most seasoned employee or visitor can be confused when hospitals are rebuilt, remodeled, rebranded, or departments are transferred.
  • The titles of units on hospital signage are frequently long, complicated, and confusing. A tourist seeking a gastrointestinal clinic, for example, might select the first department that begins with the word "gastro."
  • Restricted skills, such as vision impairment, lower mobility, or reduced mental capacity, can generate anxiety, impede wayfinding abilities in patients and visitors.


How to Choose Custom Signs for Wayfinding in Your Hospital?


Know Your Target Audience

It's essential to make a well-informed assumption that anyone who enters your place for the first time would benefit from installing custom signs for wayfinding.

Visiting a healthcare facility may be challenging because these organizations are often massive, and the anxiety caused by illness or injury can make things difficult. Please pay attention to the needs of sign-readers so that they have an easier time of life.

Ensure everyone understands your message. Thus, it would help if you made your custom signs accessible to everybody by including several languages and visual aids.


Avoid Using Sophisticated Medical Terminology

Hospital navigation that depends primarily on medical terminology typically results in more confusion than anything for patients. While implementing custom signs, using less jargon can promote speedier navigation as medical professionals, patients, and visitors all comprehend non-medical terminology. They can easily find their way from one department to another.


Use Visuals

Studies show that graphics are processed 60,000 times quicker than text. It can help patients and visitors find their way and get critical information more quickly.  Adding visuals, images, or icons to your custom wayfinding signage can be very beneficial. Graphics can be used to integrate branding and enhance the patient experience.



Designate bright and vivid-colored custom signs for wayfinding within your facility to indicate walkways, rooms, and hallways and distinguish departments. Use the colors to make the facility more accessible and useful. When finding a new wing, department, or unit, people can identify what floor they are on and which color path to choose.



When looking for custom signs for your hospital, remember the process of implementing these wayfinding solutions can be complicated, and you may need professional help. But the ease in navigation and patient satisfaction they can provide is worth all the work.