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How to Clean A Mattress With Household Cleaners

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It takes a big investment and lot of time to pick a mattress that best suits your requirements. Thankfully, the process of cleaning mattress doesn’t have to be that complex of a task. Even if the mattress stays covered with sheets 24x7, it is subjected to accumulation of various unwanted things like dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria, body fluids, pests and other such allergens.

Not only can such things decrease the lifespan of your precious mattress but they can also because various potentially dangerous health conditions to you like blocked air passages and skin infections. We have therefore created an easy-to-follow list that helps you clean your mattress using simple household cleaners.

#01 Strip the Mattress

The first step towards cleaning your mattress is of course removing all the pillows, linens, comforters, sheets and other stuffs that normally lie over your mattress. Make good use of this opportunity and segregate the items that can be washed and those that can’t. Clean all the washable items in the highest possible temperature setting to remove any molds or pest contamination. For the items that aren’t fit for washing, use the hottest available dryer setting.


#02 Vaccuum

Vacuuming is probably the single most important steps to follow while cleaning a mattress, especially when you are cleaning a memory foam mattress, as they can never be washed directly. To make sure that the vacuum cleaner sucks in all the accumulated particles off the mattress, use the upholstery tool or the crevice tool. Place the cleaner equally all over the mattress including any crevices or grooves leaving appropriate space between the cleaner and the mattress to allow proper suction.


#03 Baking Soda

The most important household item that you need while cleaning your mattress is baking soda. Not only can baking soda help remove any bad odor but also fights against dirt and grease due to its alkalic properties. It’s a good idea to pour the powder into a sifter before sprinkling it throughout the mattress to ensure equal distribution. Gently sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and leave it for a few hours to absorb any moisture. After completing the process, run your vacuum cleaner above the mattress to absorb the used powder off the surface. 


#04 Enzyme Cleaner

Another easily available household item- enzymatic cleaners- are known as good cleaning agents that make cleaning a mattress stain easier by breaking them down. There are a variety of such cleaners available that use different enzymes to break different types of stains such as lipolases, proteases, amylases, etc. Such cleaners are great for removing stains caused by blood, pet-urine, oils, vomit, etc. Try to apply only a less amount of the enzyme cleaner on a clean cloth and gently rub around the stains. Repeat the process until the stain diminishes and finish it off with a cloth soaked in cold water.


#05 Hydrogen Peroxide and Liquid Dish Soap

A solution of hydrogen peroxide with liquid dish soap and baking soda can effectively wipe out stains caused by body fluids like sweat, blood or urine. Take 3 tablespoons of baking soda, few drops of your regular dish wash liquid and 8 ounces of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide for the perfect stain removing solution. Before going ahead with the step, you may want to test a small amount of the solution diluted with water on the mattress to prevent any risk of reaction with the material used in the mattress. You can spray this solution all over the stains lightly using a spray bottle and wipe the area using a clean cloth or towel.


#06 Essential Oils

Use some of the essential oils like lavender, rose, chamomile, etc., to create a pleasing aroma around the mattress. Mix some drops of essential oils into the baking powder before the sprinkling process rather than directly sprinkling them. However, some experts are skeptical about their use and claim that being oils, they can leave unwanted stains over your mattresses. While pure lemon and eucalyptus essential oils are known for their ability to remove stains, other essential oils like jasmine, tangerine and myrrh can cause stains due to their natural colors. It is therefore important that you do a little bit of research and pick the essential oils that vaporize without leaving a stain.


#07 Air It Out

It’s a good idea to allow the mattress to naturally air out after it is laced with any solution. Placing the mattress near a window or under the sunlight can remove any foul smell, moisture or remaining bacteria that can create molds. You can alternatively use a blowing fan or a blow dryer if the natural conditions aren’t helping you.


#08 Flip the Mattress

Once you are done with one side, repeat it with the other after flipping the mattress. Some mattresses, spring mattress for example, have labels that explicitly demand a flip every 3 to 6 months whereas some others do not. Rotating mattresses every once in a while, can help reduce the wear and pressure that gets developed in time. However, for mattresses, that have a front and back assigned, consider rotating the mattress to 180 degrees.



Cleaning the mattress might seem like a big task but it is one of the primary requirements if you wish to have a good hygiene and quality sleep every night. To minimize the risk of the mattress getting contaminated, consider buying a good encasement that prevents your mattress and makes the task of cleaning easier for you.







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