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How To Clean Up Flood and Water Damage In your Home

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Water is a universal resource. It can be a boon and wreak havoc too. Floods and water damage are common occurrences, affecting millions of homes.

The aftermath can be devastating, leaving homes inhabitable. Water damage can adversely affect structural integrity. Over time, molds and bug infestation are inevitable.

The post-damage process is where your focus should be. You can seek professional help for this, especially if you reside in flood-prone places like Minnesota. Thus, if it is a severe case, opt for reliable Minneapolis water damage restoration services.

The service providers are equipped with advanced tools and techniques to restore the damage effectively while maintaining your safety.

However, if it is minor damage, you can eventually start the restoration process, needing professional assistance. So, read on to learn more about how you can deal with flooding and water damage.

How to Clean Up Flood and Water Damage in your Ho

Causes of Water Damage

Numerous reasons can cause water damage. Knowing the source is important in deciding how to handle the situation.

Here are some of the common causes of water damage:


1. Floods

Floods, in addition to other natural disasters, are the most widespread reasons for water damage. The pressure and velocity are beyond human control, making them all the more dangerous. Low-lying areas are more prone to these catastrophic events.


2. Leaky Pipes

Architectural defects or wear and tear over time can lead to pipe leaks. These often occur in the case of old buildings or in cases where sub-par material has been used. It can range from an improperly fit kitchen pipe to a loosely set bathroom pipe.


3. Congested Sewage

The drain system depends on the sewage layout and design of that locality. In the case of residential complexes, it depends on the building’s drain collection structure. If disrupted, it can lead to clogging and outbursts.


4. Appliances Malfunction

Household appliances like air conditioners and washing machines may malfunction. Water leaks from air conditioners or a faulty washing machine pipe are a familiar nuisance. If left unattended, these can flood your home in a matter of seconds.

The cumulative impact of these usual water damage causes can have a destructive effect. These have to be curbed immediately.


How to deal with flood and water damage at home?

No matter what the situation, you can never go wrong with being prepared. The same stands true for flood and water damage.

Let’s take a look at the things you should do if your home is flooded or water damaged:


1. Establish safety

You may have to evacuate the premises if the flood or water damage is severe. Leave your home in such cases; ensure that you and your family are safe. Once the water level subsides, inspect the place.

But before that, use proper safety gear like waterproof boots, rubber gloves, and masks.

Do not enter the building until you are sure it is safe. If there is suspicion of structure collapse, wait for professional help. Notify emergency help or contact 911 where required.


2. Identify the source

In the case of water damage, the leakage can emanate from anywhere in the house. Large complexes might have a tough time figuring out the origin. Any further delay in detecting the source will escalate the flooding quickly.

Recognize the starting point. It can be a splintered pipe, a ruptured water distribution network, or a dysfunctional sewage system. In any case, locate the root cause of the water damage to restrict it.

How to Clean Up Flood and Water Damage in your

3. Cut off gas and power

Electricity and stagnant water are a lethal combination. The risk of electrocution is very high. Not to forget, navigating through flooded spaces is a huge challenge. The combined effect of all this can be dangerous.

Turn off the gas and power supply to the house. Avoid stepping in puddles or still water till the power supply is cut off. Use rubber boots to avoid tumbling or slips. They also act as a barrier to any active electric currents.


4. Record everything

Before you start the process of recovering items, make a record of the damage that ensued. Compile evidence in the form of photographs and videos. Ensure clarity and visibility. Make a detailed inventory of the items retrieved.

This will act as a record for you and your insurer. The vetting process of insurance claims can be a chore. But with these visual pieces of evidence, you can receive the claim you are entitled to.


5. Salvage items

Once you have made a record of the items and the condition of the house, start salvaging. Begin with the smaller articles; gradually transfer them to a dry and safe space. Discard damaged upholstery or fabric.

Be extra careful while recovering electrical and electronic devices. Change the carpeting and rugs. Plastic or metal furniture can be dried and reused. Important documents and papers can be left to thaw and dry up.


6. Disinfect the premises

After draining the water, it is time to sanitize your home. Stagnant water can cause exceedingly harmful bacteria and bug infestation. Not only is this unsafe for the residents, but the structural strength of the building gets affected too.

Before starting, make sure you have all the required supplies. Use rubber gloves, face masks, and waterproof boots. Disinfect the premises meticulously. Pay additional attention to food contact surfaces.


7. Cleaning and mold prevention

This is no picnic but has to be done. Get going with shoveling out the residual muck and mud as soon as the water level reduces. This will prevent mold formation. Floor and carpeting to be thoroughly tidied. Get rid of extremely damp or shriveled wood planks.

Basements face the brunt of waterlogging. Use a pump for water removal. In addition, check your walls. Remove the drywall from above the water line. Wet, soggy plaster and insulation to be stripped off of the walls.

Bear these in mind while dealing with a flood or water damage-struck home. You can protect your house from any further impairment.



Many factors and aspects come in to picture while dealing with the consequences of floods and water damage. No matter the intensity or scale, it has long-lasting, detrimental results if ignored. Maneuver through these tricky situations and protect your home and family.







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