How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom Without Removing the Garage Door

Welcome to an exciting project! I am assuming you are on this page because you want to know how to convert a garage into a bedroom without removing the garage door. Maybe you want to keep it so you can possibly convert it back in the future or maybe to avoid expense. Whatever the reason, I hope I will be able to help you with a few tips and ideas.

Set out your plans

First, you might want to write down your plans so you can figure out if you need to get permits and such. You may need planning permission/consent, building permits, certificate of lawfulness, etc. Not complying with your local codes and regulations will get you in trouble. It might be tempting to skip getting permits and such, but in the end, they are there for your benefit. Codes and regulations assure that everything you are building is safe and right.

Consider your utilities

What utilities does the garage currently have and what will you want or need to add? Most garages have lighting and maybe a few outlets, but not much else. Turning it into a bedroom, you might need to upgrade the utilities as well. Again, keep in mind that you might need a permit for it such things. You can get contractors to help you out, especially with plumbing, ventilation gas, and other electric things.

Add insulation

Temperatures might be harsh at certain times of the year. Since you are keeping the garage door, consider how you are going to add insulation to it, as well as other parts of the garage. Nowadays, you can find different insulation materials for garage doors. Just remember that this is adding weight to your door and that might affect the insulation. You should also consider insulating the walls and the ceiling.

Another thing to think about is the outside of your garage door. Keeping the paint white or light will reflect some of the heat/light off.

Build a wall

How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom Without Removing the Garage Door

Another option is building a wall with a door a few feet from the actual garage door. The good thing about this option is that you can have some storage space between the garage door and the new wall. It also offers a little more insulation and more sound proofness. However, the room will be smaller.


You will definitely need to upgrade the roof in your garage to make sure it is weatherproof. You would not want water to be dripping in the bedroom, would you?

How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom Without Removing the Garage Door


If you are like me, this is the fun part of the converting process. It’s challenging but it also allows you to be creative. You can use many of the garage’s characteristics to make give the bedroom a unique look. You can also make it look like it was never a garage. The thing about this part of the conversion is that it is so personal. When thinking of the design, remember the flooring, lighting, paint job, and how you will arrange the room.


Garage flooring is not exactly homey or comfortable, so you might want to add to it. You might also want to raise the flooring from the ground/concrete so you can have space for insulation.


If your garage door and walls have some windows and if you’re not adding a wall, great! That means you can have some natural light in your room. If not, you can always add more light to make it more comfortable.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom Without Removing the Garage Door

Paint Job

This is something very personal so it is up to you what colors you want. Keep in mind what colors will add some lightness to the room and the feeling of hominess.


Try to plan how the room will look like so you can also identify where you might need some outlets and such.

Final Words

Converting your garage door into a bedroom without removing the doors is a good idea. That way, you can convert back to a garage if you want or need to someday. It will also mean that it is cheaper since you do not have to add a whole wall.

However, you will still need to make some changes for insulation and to add a more inviting feel to the room.

If you are doing it yourself, expect some visits from an inspector. If he finds anything that does not follow the codes, you will have to stop or do the necessary revisions. If you are unsure, maybe it is best to hire a professional to do it.

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