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How To Create A Beach Theme In Your Garden

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Are you dreaming of days spent at the beach? Whether swimming in the sea, exploring rock pools with the little ones or tanning with a cocktail in hand, it’s hard to beat a trip to the seaside. Yet with international travel restrictions still in place and some UK coastlines dangerously overcrowded, perhaps your best option this summer is to create a beach-themed backyard.

You may need to review your finances if creating a luxury coastal resort. But from elaborate projects to small design additions, you can go as far with it as you choose. Find inspiration below to help plan your dream beach garden.

Install comfy beach furniture



Garden furniture is often uninspiring and can look tired after years of exposure to the elements. Give your setup a beach-inspired makeover by adding laid-back deckchairs and a hammock or two − whether tied to trees or freestanding.

An added benefit of beach chairs is that they’re easy to fold away and store when not using them. As soon as the sun returns, you could be sat back outside in seconds.

Garden prep in fall

Garden prep in fall

Bring in natural elements

Sand is perhaps the first thing many people think of when imagining the beach. Install a sandy corner or create an inviting beach scene by filling in the space in front of a pond. If you have the space, why not set up a beach volleyball court?

You could decorate further by scattering rocks and seashells wherever looks best. Separate different areas with a wooden walkway that leads to your seating areas.    

Create a bold colour scheme 

Bright colours in the garden create visual connections to tropical environments and exotic cultures. Add accent pieces in bold shades, be it an orange sun umbrella or a garden wall repainted purple. If you have a garden shed that’s in need of a little love, transform it into a beach hut with eye-catching stripes.    

Even painting plant pots could add to your beach theme.   

Add your finishing touches

winter garden

winter garden

There are countless ways to truly make a beach garden your own. Recreate your favourite beach bar with themed drinks to match or install a fire pit to keep the party going long into the night.

Old fisherman’s nets can be easily draped over a wall or artfully arranged around plants meanwhile − and an outdoor shower could be ideal for washing off sand.   

Is there a particular beach or coastal resort you’d love to recreate?  Let us know!

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