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How To Create Your Own At-Home Jungle

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landscape garden

Who doesn't want their own jungle at home? Okay, you may not want a full-on jungle (side note, jungles usually have lots of bitey insects, let's keep these out of our gardens!), but bringing a bit of greenery into your life is a great way to improve your space.

Not only do plants look great, but they bring a sense of calm and may even promote some health benefits too!

What to Plant?

It really depends on your own style and taste as to what you plant in your jungle-to-be-space. If you are going for a lush jungle look, make sure you have lots of different plants that will work together (and remember to think about the growing conditions, as some plants need lots of sunlight or water).

If you want something for a bit more of a contained space, you can create your own mini-jungle, perfect for adding color and life to the corners of your home.

A small jungle also means less maintenance which is helpful if you don't have much time to spend looking after it.

Here are a few ways to achieve the look in your own space:


Use Plant Stands

Plant stands, such as these great plant stands by Hemsly, are a great way to add some greenery without taking up a lot of space. They allow you to grow plants that won't grow too tall and will also add a new level of color to your room.

While they are often expensive, they can be found in many different brands and styles for all price points. Choose something that is both functional and nice to look at!


Invest in Hanging Plants

The great thing about hanging plants is that you can create a jungle space without having to devote a large area to the idea.

Plants such as large bamboo hanging pots are perfect for when you don't want a fully-grown jungle but a nice splash of color. One great thing about most hanging plants is that they retain their color and natural shape even when they are not in full sun, so they look beautiful whether they are in full view or not.


Get Tropical Plants

If you want to really get to create a jungle look, think about bringing in some tropical plants.

Traditionally these types of plants are used in greenhouses, but they are ideal when it comes to creating your own at-home jungle.

While they are not as hardy as most plants from other climate zones, they can be grown indoors if you have the right growing conditions and care.


Get Low Maintenance, Non-Edible Plants

If you don't want to worry so much about growing healthy and vibrant plants, there are some design ideas available that will focus on a non-edible plant, such as potted succulents.

As your plants will not be grown for food, they won't need to be trimmed or watered regularly and can grow without much help from you. You can also pick the color of the succulents to match your décor or create a collection of different flowers so that it looks like the area is covered in a continuous area of color.

You can even create a whole wall of low-maintenance non-edible plants or even edible plants if you want to create an instant jungle look.







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