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How to Cut Glass Tiles: A DIY-Friendly Guide

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Learning how to cut glass tile is a great skill for any homeowner to acquire. If you can familiarize this skill, you'll be able to renovate the interiors of your home anytime you want! After all, glass tiles don't go off the trend.

These embellishments are attractive to the eyes. They are easy to clean, too. Ideally, you should place these glass tiles in your bathroom and shower walls. But depending on your preferences, you could also affix them on your living areas and private quarters.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to hire a professional contractor to get these glass tiles hanging on your walls. We consider this as a user-friendly task because it doesn't require too many muscles and labor.

However, there is a need for you to gather the appropriate tools and materials for this project. You should know that these glasses are somehow fragile. If you are not careful, they will shatter easily.

Cut Glass Tiles

How to Cut Glass Tiles

In this section, we will teach you the basics of glass tile cutting. Follow each of the procedures and always pay attention to details. By doing these things, you'll be able to accomplish this project smoothly. Let's get started!

Glass Tiles

Tools and Materials

  • Wet saw
  • Market (should be washable)
  • Straightedge
  • Running pliers (grozing pliers could also work)
  • Rubbing stone
  • Glass-scouring wheel
  • Mosaic Nippers
  • Eyewear
  • Rubber gloves
  • Damp rag

Step 1

Before you start, we recommend that you should make a layout for the tile's pattern. In this way, you can get a good vision on the final output of your project. Moreover, it gives you the convenience of adjusting the placement of the tiles.

Step 2

Step 2

Cutting glasses always involve a wet saw. Professional contractors use this tool especially if they are tiling vast spaces. Moreover, wet saws can provide maximum precision for straight cuts without the fear of breaking the materials.

If you have already this tool in your garage, things would be convenient for you. But if it is the opposite, we recommend that you invest on this item. It will benefit you in the long run.

Before cutting, make sure that your measurements are on point. A washable marker will help you in this process. After cutting the glass, you can wipe the marker with the use of a clean cloth.

Moreover, you have to wear your rubber gloves before running the wet saw. It will keep your hands safe. Let the saw run for around 20 seconds so that the water would accumulate on the blade.

Step 3

Start aligning the guide of the glass tile on the blade of the saw. The cut should be smooth. Never do it abruptly as it can cause jagged parts. Specifically, you have to run the tile to the saw slowly. Your hold should be gentle, but the pressure should be constant.

After you cut all the tiles, shut down the wet saw. Wash it and keep it from the reach of your children. You don't want untoward incidents to happen throughout the duration of your project.

At this point, you have already learned the process of cutting glass tiles. But this process involves a wet saw. What if you can't have access to this tool right away? Of course, there is a manual technique that you can employ to achieve the same thing.

Manual Cutting of Glass Tiles

Manual Cutting of Glass Tiles

Before the inception of power tools, artisans cut different glass tiles through the use of manual scoring. Apparently, this process consumes time. It is also prone to breakages and uneven results. However, some people are still doing this even today. This particular method is somehow useful, especially for cutting small pieces of tiles.

Overall, standard scoring is not that expensive. You just need a pair of running pliers which you can get at a meager price.

Step 1

Put the glass tile on an even surface. You still have to draw the line in where you are going to make the cut. Use a straightedge to align the scoring wheel on the cutting line you drew. Specifically, the wheel should be on the distant end of the tile.

Step 1

Next, pull the scoring wheel towards your direction. Ideally, you should remove the motor together with the straightedge so that you can guarantee a straight cut. You also have to put enough force while doing this process. Once you can hear a cracking sound, it means that you are doing fine.

Step 2

Use a grozing pliers and place it on the part of the glass that you want to break. Specifically, you should snap the tile downwards. You could also use a pair of running pliers on cutting the tile. Just put the center of the tool on one of the ends of the scored line.

Take note that the scored line and the pliers should be perpendicular to each other. After this, press the pliers down to break the tile.

Step 3

If necessary, you should smoothen the edge of the tile. You can do this with the help of a rubbing stone. The installation of the tile would be a lot smoother if the edges of the glass tiles are free from rough and uneven parts.


Knowing how to cut glass tile can save you a lot of money. Instead of hiring professional contractors, you can do the process by yourself. Moreover, it also gives you the freedom to customize the measurements of the tiles. It is a great skill that many creative homeowners would love to have. We offer floor and wall tiles Mosaics luxury bathroom and kitchen tiles etc Based in London England.

It can be a time-consuming process, especially if are cutting a plethora of glass tiles. If this is the case, you should secure a wet saw first. In this way, you can maintain the precision of your cuts, regardless of your speed. Just be careful on using the tool. After all, improper usage can send you quickly to the hospital!

Did you learn from this article? If you have any questions, and suggestion, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We love to hear from you!





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