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How to Cut Marble Slabs: A Complete DIY Guide

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For ordinary homeowners, cutting marbles may appear seemingly impossible. But with the right tools and knowledge, this particular task is achievable even without professional help. Do you want to know how to cut marble correctly? Then you should check out this DIY tutorial.

There are a lot of perks that you can get from learning how to create marble slabs by yourself. One of this is the flexibility it creates. It gives you the freedom and control to the cut size and style of the marble.

Moreover, it saves you money. You can see marble scraps and leftover marbles on stone yards and masonries that you can buy cheap. Aside from that, doing this project by yourself means that you don't have to pay professional services at all!

How to Cut Marble

 How to Cut Marble Properly

How to Cut Marble

The Tool-of-the-Trade

The first thing that you have to secure before you start this task is the cutting tool. Specifically, this DIY project requires you to have a wet saw. Technically speaking, a wet saw doesn't cut the marble. Instead, they just grind the latter.

The blade of this tool has diamond crystals, which affixes to the edge of its segment. These crystals are effective against dense and sturdy objects. Through friction, the diamond blade efficiently grinds through any surfaces that it touches.

Make sure that you operate this saw where there is a continuous water source. The water will serve as a cooling agent of the blade. It guarantees that the blade won't heat up easily, which results in its operational reliability and effectiveness. Moreover, the water also protects the structural integrity of the blade and marble itself.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1

Make sure that you exercise precaution while you are cutting marbles. After all, you will be using a beastly power tool. Do not forget to wear your protective gears, especially gloves and eyewear. It is also necessary that you wear earmuffs or any items that could protect your ears. This tool creates high-volume noises when running.

The clothes that you wear should not be loose. Otherwise, they can be caught up in the blade. That could result in dangerous consequences. A pair of rugged footwear is also necessary, as debris from the marble could fall directly to your feet. Additionally, you need to tie your hair, too.

How to Cut Marble

Step 2

Considering that you already familiarised how a wet saw works, you can already proceed to the cutting process. As we mentioned earlier, make sure that you set up the saw to a nearby power source. Alongside with this, ensure that the water pump of the device is in good condition.

Place the marble slab that you are going to cut on a thick and sturdy foam. Any non-abrasive surfaces could work, too. This step is necessary to protect the marble from scratches when you move it across the saw platform.

How to Cut Marble

Step 3

You should mark the marble on the area that you are going to cut. You can line a tape on it and use a marker to create the guide. Make sure that the mark you draw is thick so that you can see it. After this, start pouring water on the front portion of the blade.

Step 4

Align the marble on the wet saw and ensure that it is placed as flat as possible. The proper placement of the material allows you to accomplish this project efficiently. Also, it protects your fingers from being sliced off.

Step 5

Once everything is okay, start cutting the marble. Do not rush this process. If possible, you should be slow as you want to ensure that the blade removes all the materials on its way. On the flip side, forcing or roughly pushing the marble against the blade will cause it to break or crack. Moreover, it could injure you as well as the blade can spit out big and sharp debris towards you.

Always keep a moderate pace to ensure the success and safety of the project. Just gradually move the marble through the saw until such time the entire slab passes through the blade.

How to Cut Marble

Step 6

If you are already done cutting the marble, shut down the wet saw and start refining the material. You can do this by refining the edges of the marble with the use of a dry or wet sandpaper. Either way, you should begin with a 120-grit sandpaper then switch to a 2500-grit sandpaper. Sand the edges until they become smooth.

Do not ever use a coarse sandpaper because it will just create scratches on the marble. If you do not want to do this process manually, you can use an angle grinder. This particular tool can quickly smoothen the finishes of your marble. Of course, you can say that this machine can generate better smoothing results than manually smoothening the material's edges with your hands.

Step 7

Clean all your stuff after cutting and finishing the marble. Your working area should be blemish-free. Dust off any scraps and residues that you see. Sweep the floor properly so that you can remove any shards or sharp objects coming from the marble. They could be potentially harmful, especially to unsuspecting individuals.

Meanwhile, the wet saw should be wiped and cooled first before you return it to its storage. Also, as you clean the wet saw, you can improve its longevity and performance.

Final Words

Learning how to cut marble slabs and tiles properly is not just a thing for professionals. Even simple homeowners and weekend warriors can do this task. You just need to acquire the necessary tools and materials to start this project. It also pays if you master or familiarise the use of a wet saw. That will drastically improve your working speed and efficiency.

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