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How to Cut Metal Roofing: Getting It Done Right

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Roofing made with ceramic tiles or even bricks tend to be a little more fragile because they break. In comparison, metal roofing is much less fragile and easier to work with, especially for non-professionals.

However, again, it still needs a level of accuracy and precision.

Learning how to cut metal roofing properly will help you avoid mistakes such as edgy or rough ends. It will also contribute to keeping you from wasting metal tiles for your roof.

This is the reason we are featuring a simple step by step guide on how to cut metal roofing.

First Things First

Before anything else, here are several things you should know first.

Like tile roofing, metal roofing has its pros and cons. For starters, a metal roofing is much lighter compared to tile roofing and can even last as long as the house made by the roofing company. And since it is non-combustible, it is also rated as Class A fire resistant which is the highest.

But most importantly, it is straightforward to install, making it also very quick to install. However, it can be pretty expensive and is prone to dents. The noise is also something to consider when deciding between tile roofing or metal roofing.

Equipment and Measurements

And as for cutting metal roofing, it is quite particular with the equipment to be used. One important thing to take note of when cutting metal roofing is the saw you will be using to cut it with.

The equipment and the measurements are two of the most important things to look out for in projects like these.

In this case, metal roofing works best with circular cutting blades with no carbide teeth. You can even use the blade of any cheap circular saw or use the circular saw itself. However, be careful with the cuts and be sure to make measurements.

Moreover, make sure that your cutting tool has sufficient power. A weak or faulty cutting tool will cause rough edges on your metal roofing which may cause long-term problems.

Do not be afraid to use measuring tapes or marker pens to draw markings on your metal roofing. This can help minimize the potential mistakes you might make as you cut through the roofing.

Remember, any mistake you make on a metal roofing panel is going to be permanent already. So be careful as not to waste any metal roof panels.

What You’ll Need

  • Power shear or circular saw
  • C-clamps
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Combination square or T-square
  • Metal roof panels (corrugated)

The Procedure

Step 1: Secure the corrugated metal roof panels

Secure the corrugated metal roof panels

The first thing you want to do is to lock your roof panels securely in a flat surface. This is the general rule when you’re cutting sheets of metal, wood, or plastic.

For one, cutting a panel of metal on an unstable surface would cause it to wiggle. Thus, this will cause inaccurate measurements and inaccurate cutting.

Ideally, you’d want to lay the roof panels on a workshop table. However, any flat platform that you can be comfortable in cutting would do. Make sure the metal roof panels have their underside facing upwards.

Use C-clamps to secure it if you’re cutting on a work table. Just get a long plank of wood (ideally, plywood) and put it on the metal sheets. Then, get a pair of C-clamps and lock each end of the wood to the table.

Remember, you can cut multiple sheets at once. Just simply layer the sheets on top. By using a high-end power tool like a circular saw, you can cut up to 5 layers of metal roof panels.

Step 2: Start measuring and marking

Start measuring and marking

Measurements are straightforward when it comes to metal roofing. Just examine your house’ roof by checking the patches that you’re going to fill up.

Then, by using a measuring tape, get the measurements that need to be layered with the new metal roof panels.

Measurements on your metal roof panel should be simple. Typically, you’d only need the length for this project. Once you’ve taken note of the measurements, use a permanent marker to make your cutting guide on the metal roof panel.

For the most accurate cutting lines, use the pen in coordination with the combination square. AT- square would also be fine, but if you don’t have anything else, a ruler should do.

Just align the combination square to the desired measurement and drag it along with the marker.

Step 3: Cutting the metal roof

Cutting the metal roof

Cutting the metal roof panels must be straightforward and smooth. The longer you drag the cutting process, the more likely your roof will be jagged, blemished, and inaccurate.

A metal roofing that has these traits won’t usually last since a poorly cut roof can cause it to be brittle.

To do this, the best way is to use shears or a high-powered saw. You can use power shears or a circular saw to get the job done, just avoid using a hacksaw or any hand-powered tool.

To cut the metal roofing, align the teeth of the shears or the saw to the start of the cutting lines. Afterward, just power the shear and cut through your cutting lines.

Remember, use your cutting tool slowly with a steady hand. Let the tool do the work and just use your hand as a guide, not as a source of force.

Wrapping it Up

Wrapping it Up

At the end of the day, cutting metal roofing should be a simple task that’s easy to do. The key thing here is to use efficient cutting tools and to prepare accordingly before cutting. Once you’ve checked all those boxes, you’re safe to go.

Just be confident in using your cutting tool. Most mistakes when cutting metal or wood come from an insecure person who’s behind the cutting tool. That’s why always have a firm grip and a prepared mindset!.

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