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How To Deal with Storage Problems in Your House?

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Storage Cleaning

Storage Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny house or a palatial estate – finding storage solutions will bring organization and a sense of peace to every home. The secret to effective storage is assessing your needs and utilizing every area available to you. By working creatively, home storage can be both efficient and beautiful, adding value to your living space.

It begins with an understanding of your space requirements and the way you live day-to-day. If you love cooking and want every chef’s tool available, think carefully about kitchen storage that works with your interests. If you deal with the stress of a career and look to your master bath as a peaceful retreat, make sure you consider how to store all those amenities that you look forward to at the end of a hard day. If you entertain often, take that into consideration when planning your spaces for guests. Do you have collections? Think about the best way to house your precious items and how they might be displayed.

One way to begin assessing your storage needs is by decluttering. There are many popular methods out there to follow, but remember that this is your project, so take suggestions from whatever methods you feel match your personality and level of clutter. Most of these methods have one thing in common – at some point, you need to decide where the items you’re keeping will “live”. This means, where will you store these items based on a number of factors. You need to consider how often an item is used. Are there any special considerations around storage, such as archival concerns for vintage or fragile items? For things that aren’t used regularly but you want to display, there are many options to meet the requirements for every kind of collection imaginable. Be sure to consider any caretaking issues for valuable items – will sunshine damage the collection over the long run? Are special materials needed to inhibit the degradation of items you store?

Once you’ve sorted possessions down to what will be kept and any storage requirements for those objects, you can begin planning storage. You may have some areas that are already available for storage. For existing shelving, shop for attractive baskets or bins that will fit the space to hold smaller items. This gives your storage a more polished look and provides a way to label each bin for easy reminders about what’s inside. Simple drawer dividers can keep smaller things from becoming a jumbled mess. Visit your local dollar store with an open mind and you’ll find many items – from binder clips to hair ties or school supplies – that can be used to keep items like cords or coupons from scattering everywhere in their storage container.

One of the best ways to optimize storage space is by looking at custom cabinetry solutions. With standard cabinets, there are a variety of options available at every price range, but standard cabinets will fill a space according to their available sizes, not yours. Custom cabinets provide the look you want and can be built to fit a number of different spaces, regardless of the size or shape of your room.

Most people consider cabinetry as a solution for kitchens and baths, but in reality, cabinets can be a solution in every room of your home. In older homes with smaller bedroom closets, a custom cabinet system can provide drawer and hanging storage for clothes while maximizing the space available. Living rooms benefit from cabinets that provide entertainment equipment storage solutions. Dining areas with custom cabinetry have storage for dishware and glassware while providing counter space for a bar area or food service. All of these solutions can be made to match the overall design of your home with custom cabinet facing.

When it gets down to it, most cabinetry is stylized boxes that come with and without doors or drawers. What can often make all the difference in storage solutions is what you do with the inside of that “box”. Consider inserts that customize cabinets even further. For tall, upper cabinets, mechanisms are available that lower shelves on special hinges, so items stored higher don’t have to be out of reach – even for those of us who are shorter. For the baker who can’t live without their versatile mixer, a hinged shelf can raise the mixer up for use, and fold it back into the cabinet when done, saving precious counter space. Simple adjustments to deeper drawers make them ideal storage for items usually placed on shelves, like bowls, plates, or glassware. Slide-out cabinetry is a useful solution for narrower spaces that can store spices, canned goods, platters, and baking sheets. Even something as simple as adjustable shelving will give homeowners greater options as their storage needs evolve, making custom cabinetry even more versatile.

When it comes to effective storage, it’s also important to use your imagination. Consider going up, with clever solutions that utilize wall space, or even go over your head. For homes with sufficient space between floor joists, storage can reside under your feet with access through removable floor panels.

While there are many commonalities among storage solutions, the best system is one that works for your home and your unique needs. Visit us to learn more about buying custom cabinets to create your perfect storage solutions.







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