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How To Decide If Your Carpet Should Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls

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Choose The Right Carpet

Choose The Right Carpet

There are many elements to successfully designing any interior space. Of course, one of the fundamental decisions you have to make is what color or color schemes you want to adopt. The right choice is personal but, you also need to be aware that your choice of color can affect the shape and size of the room.

Of course, when deciding whether to have a lighter or darker carpet than the walls you are also going to need to consider what type of carpet you want to put down. While there are a variety of options, it is worth considering carpet tiles. These are as comfortable and luxurious as any carpet but have the added advantage that sections can be easily replaced if damaged.

In addition, it is possible that you can mix the carpet tiles to create a unique effect in your room.

Using Dark Carpets and Light Walls

Dark carpets traditionally make a room look smaller. However, they are also much better at hiding dirt. This can be a serious concern if you have a lot of traffic through a particular room, especially if that traffic is children.

However, it isn’t just about the feeling of size. Darker colors and carpets are warming, traditionally making a space feel warmer and cozier. This means that before you can decide on whether to have a dark color carpet you need to consider what the room is used for.

For example, many people want their bedrooms to feel cozy and comfortable. Choosing a darker carpet will help to create this effect while lighter walls still create a feeling of space. Combining the two and including darker soft furnishings is certain to make the space feel cozier.

Another important consideration is the size of the room. Larger rooms can benefit from darker carpets to help stop them from feeling overpowering. However, smaller rooms will simply feel smaller, potentially feeling cramped and ruining the ambiance.


Lighter Carpets And Darker Walls

Lighter carpets increase the size of the room in the same way that lighter walls do. This can help to make a room feel more spacious and brighter, encouraging positive energy.

Again, you need to consider floor traffic as pale carpets will show up the dirt more. The paler carpet is a good option in small spaces that you want to feel larger and doesn’t have a huge amount of traffic. When used with darker walls it can create a calming effect that helps to give the room balance.

Paler carpets can also be used in large rooms although this will make the space feel even larger, you will have to consider whether this is the effect you desire or not.


Top Tip

To create the perfect balance between light and dark the best color choice is to choose a carper color two shades darker or lighter than the color of the walls. This helps to ensure there is a balance between the wall, floors, and the size of the space.

Another important point to remember is that the color of your caret will change slightly when you install it. The carpet will generally seem lighter due to the walls and lighting at home. While this shouldn’t make a fundamental difference it is important to be aware of this.


Choosing The Right Combination

The good news is that there isn’t a right or wrong combination. While it is recommended to keep the walls and floors within a couple of shades of each other, the choice is yours. Pale walls work well with very dark floors and splashes of color across the room.

The secret to getting the perfect combination is to experiment. You can pick up paint samples and carpet samples that will help you decide which colors you like the most and which ones you feel go together.

Providing you take time to consider the size of your room and the amount of traffic you can’t go wrong. Darker carpets are always preferable when you have a lot of foot traffic. It doesn’t mean that you won’t keep them clean, it is simply easier to maintain them and the carpets are likely to last longer.


Interior Designers

If you are struggling with inspiration or to make a final decision it is worth looking at your friend's and neighbor's homes. You can see what colors they have put together and how well they work, along with how you feel about the colors.

If this isn’t working then you can always contact an interior designer and tell them what you would like to achieve and whether you prefer darker or lighter carpets. The designer will be able to help you decide the right solution for every room in your home.


The Texture Counts

While the most important factor is the color of the carpet, you should also spare some time to consider the texture. Larger weaves are better at making a space feel larger as they draw the eye away from you and toward the far end.

In fact, carpet tiles are even better at doing this as they have a discernable line between tiles that helps to draw the eye and create a feeling of space. The lighter the tie the more noticeable and effective this line is.


Final Thoughts

Getting the interior design right in your home is difficult and it is not a process you will want to repeat too often. That’s why, if you are having doubts it is best to choose the carpet first and then paint the walls.

The carpet should be a color you like and its shade will be dependent on how much traffic generally goes through the room. You will then be able to choose a paint and, if you don’t like it, you can easily repaint the walls.

Of course, you will need t make sure you protect the carpet while painting.

Don’t forget, carpets are warmer under your feet than any other type of flooring, which helps on a cold winter's day.



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