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How To Design Your Gazebo To Keep The Cool Even During Summers

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When it’s hot outside or when summer comes, it’s nice to have a cool place inside the house. You may even consider a Winnipeg air conditioner installation to avoid the heat. However, if you prefer to stay outdoors, there are several ways to make your lawn or garden a more pleasant and comfortable place to spend time in. You can always make the most of the hot summer by cooling your gazebo creatively and efficiently.

You don’t need to invest in engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto to renovate your gazebo. Here are a few simple tips to improve it and make it a great place to relax during summer.


1. Use sunshades that reflect light

Take advantage of good thermal reflection or reflective sunshades. These reflect the sunlight and heat instead of absorbing them, allowing you to keep your gazebo cool. There are a variety of reflective sunshades that do their job without ruining the aesthetic appeal.


2. Keep the side wall open

Natural airflow is the key to making any outdoor space feel more comfortable. Most foldable tents have sidewalls that can be opened, but we use this feature sparingly in warm or cold weather. If you open up the sidewalls of your event gazebo, the fresh breeze will be able to pass through.


3. Build water features

Instead of seeing a pool, fish pond, or waterfall as mere garden decorations, think of them as natural means to cool down your landscape. So, if you want your garden to be cooler in the summer, you should definitely add a water feature.


4. Opt for light-coloured paving

Even though dark-coloured paving might look elegant, they tend to soak up and hold on to heat. It would be best to use lighter colours that don’t soak up heat.


5. Invest in trees with shade

Consider planting large trees in your yard. The trees will give shade, and the leaves and branches will also cool the area. However, you shouldn’t put trees too close to your house because the roots could damage the structure or foundation.


6. Install outdoor ceiling fans

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If your gazebo has a high ceiling, consider installing outdoor ceiling fans. When the heat is too much to handle, a ceiling fan may help.


7. Consider using metal for your roofing

Metal gazebos can get hot in the summer. However, they deflect the sun’s scorching rays from the gazebo interior, which keeps the area cool when the weather is warm.

Several advantages can be gained by using a hardtop gazebo with a traditional-looking metal roof with two tiers. The two-tiers contribute to heat dissipation and assists with air circulation throughout the interior.


8. Use misters

Misters use “evaporative cooling” to reduce area temperatures by 30 degrees. Misters work by spraying extremely fine water particles, or “mist”, into the air. This mist absorbs the heat as it turns into water vapor. You can opt to install a mister by itself or go for a portable fan that has a misting feature.

Misting systems can easily be installed and can be connected to a garden hose running on regular water pressure. They are typically placed along the rim of the gazebo.

It’s not enough that you invest in landscape lighting for your Toronto garden to improve its aesthetic appeal. You also need to make sure that you and anyone who enters your garden or gazebo is as comfortable as possible.

This summer, you, your family, and your guests don’t have to sweat it out just to spend time in your gazebo. Use these great tips to ensure that the area is a cool and relaxing place to be.







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