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How To Deter Animals From Destroying Your Lawn

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It only takes a critter to wreak havoc on your lawn, and your hours of hard work could disappear in no time. Whether it’s a rabbit nibbling your plants, squirrels digging holes in your lawn, or deer gobbling shrubs, any animal can quickly wipe out the best features of your landscape.

The simplest way to prevent animals from destroying your lawn is to keep them out of your property. Below are some of the ways to deter animals:

Install Fences

The most effective and long-term solution is exclusion. A fence can be strictly a seasonal or a permanent solution that you can put up and take down when necessary.

At present, there are different fences you can take into consideration. If you’re confused with the options, you can check out deerfencing.com for professional help.

Mesh fences can be cut to your desired size and tied or stapled to a fence post. On the other hand, electric fences can be great for deer, rabbits, and woodchucks. Even if it requires an investment of money and time, it’s a great way to provide complete protection to your lawn, while letting animals go about their own business.


Consider Cleaning Up

One of the first lines of defense to deter animals from destroying your lawn is getting rid of their hiding places, such as overgrown shrubbery, brush, and woodpiles. Neatly trimmed beds and open spaces work well to help discourage groundhogs and rabbits.


Use Repellents

Scent repellents, such as predator urine, garlic clips, and castor oil, can be effective solutions, but they should be reapplied and monitored properly to remain effective. Products that are made with hot peppers may deter nibbling rabbits.

Several kinds of plants, like fritillaria and castor bean, may be effective in discouraging rodents and keeping your garden pest-free. Sometimes, mothballs are used as a scent deterrent, but should be used with caution as they’re poisonous to children and pets.


Try Using Live Traps

Usually, these live traps can be made of galvanized steel mesh, which is available in different sizes. Crackers, vegetables, or some foods are used for luring the animal inside, and a spring-loaded door closes to lock them in.

With a live trap, it’s easy to catch chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, or woodchuck. What’s trickier is determining what you should do next when you catch them. The reason behind it is that several states prohibit wildlife relocation. If it’s permitted, it may still be cruel to the animals.


Plant Strong-Scented Plants

Particular kinds of plants can be used around your lawn’s border as an animal repellant. However, you have to take note that no plant can deter all animals, so it’s best to know what type of problem or wildlife animals are within your area, and use the right plant to suit your environment.

Planting garlic and onion are also essential in keeping chipmunks out of your lawn, while marigolds and mint can do a good job in keeping the rodents away. For keeping annoying stray cats away from your lawn, your best plant choice is Coleus canina because it smells like skunks and has the scent of dog’s urine.

Rue is another plant that you can use for keeping the dogs, Japanese beetles, and cats out of your garden. However, because of its toxicity, it’s not recommended in the gardens used by kids as it may cause skin rashes and must not be ingested. If you’re planning to grow rue, you can handle them with gloves. Don’t let the leaves on such plants rub against your bare skin as it may cause burns because of the chemicals that the plants produce. You may even prune them into small hedges, but planting sparingly around your beautiful garden can keep animals away because of the plant’s pungent aroma.



Use Noise

Noise can keep some animals, like deer, out of your lawn. There are various ways on how you can make some noise around your lawn. You don’t have to purchase costly auditory devices or sound equipment to keep the animals away because wind chimes can be an effective option.

Another option is to upcycle your unused plastic bottles. What you need is to cut a slot in the plastic and screw its cap to hold the bottle effectively. Wood plants nailed to a tree must do the trick. Strap a few in a row together and you’ll get yourself a harp. Whenever it’s windy, the noise will deter the animals from your lawn.

Depending on your preferences, some people also opt for a radio to produce noise 24/7. So, if you don’t have wind chimes, but you have an old radio, you can use it instead.

However, if you want to get effective results and you have an extra budget, opting for auditory devices is always a good idea. Just choose the units that can be used outdoors and can withstand any harsh weather elements. If you don’t know which is perfect for your lawn, read reviews and compare the differences of the available auditory devices designed for pest control


Install A Garden Floodlight

Generally, garden floodlights are used for home security, but they can be also helpful in deterring animals from destroying your lawn.

Light can repel particular animals, like rodents, at night. However, the disadvantage of that is that your soil will be more attractive to insects. So, you’re swapping one problem for another.

The artificial lighting from garden floodlights can be used as bait for insects that bats can take advantage of. Depending on the population of bats in your area, you could deter bigger animals from foraging in your lawn by installing a garden floodlight while attracting animals or bugs to feed the bats, rather than such pests destroying all your plants.



Those are just some of the many ways to deter animals from destroying your lawn. Just make sure to implement them properly to get the best possible results. However, if you’ve done everything, but still wasn’t able to deter animals successfully, it’s never a bad idea to ask for help from professionals who have years of experience and expertise in this field, and can offer you the right solutions.







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