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How To Fix Water Drainage Problems In Your Yard

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water drainage in yard

water drainage in yard

It is not uncommon for homeowners to encounter drainage problems at home. The accumulation of water in the yard can be a hassle for everyone, especially during the rainy season. In some instances, grass will not grow beautifully and can make the landscape a pain in the eyes.

A flawed drainage system can be a site for mosquito breeding, erosion, the presence of water in the basement, and ice buildup on walkways during winter.

Prefer high-quality Drainage Pipes that make your drainage system better.

What is the common cause of the drainage problem?

Many possible factors lead to poor drainage at home, but some common causes are unsuitable backyard grading, compacted soil, poor maintenance of downspouts, and inappropriate landscape installation.

The good news is, there are solutions for your water drainage problem in your yard.

French drain

A French drain is a type of drainage that offers a flexible solution for various types of drainage issues. It is able to disperse water in a large area by using a perforated pipe and filter socks. The pipe will be covered with materials that allow water to easily go through, such as gravel.

The French drain doesn't require any outlet or inlet. The pipe only needs to be buried below the topsoil, and it will redirect the excess water to the drain. You can also connect it with the downspout that will lead to a dry well to drain more water, resulting in a better outcome.


Build a rain garden

If you have a spot in your yard that collects and retains water, consider making a rain garden. You can put several water-loving plants such as ornamental moss, ferns, and hostas to create a beautiful space.

It will not be able to provide a direct solution to a bigger drainage issue, but a rain garden is a wonderful solution for soggy spots in the yard. It is also good for the environment as it will help reduce sedimentation and erosion. Pick plants with fibrous roots because it works well with absorbing water. 


Extend the downspout

Sometimes the presence of a water basin in your yard can be solved by extending your downspout. Make sure the extension will lead to a better drainage system. When you notice muddy spots, do an inspection around the yard first. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are in good condition and working properly. If there are possible signs of damage, repair it first.


Make a creek bed

A creek bed is a way to drive the water away from the low spot. It takes a little digging and landscaping effort to create the creek bed. When it's dry, it will still look beautiful in the yard. You can create this by digging a shallow ditch or a swale, put in stones, boulders, or anything that will make it look beautiful and natural. Making a creek bed doesn't have to be a big project.


Reduce watering schedule

Sometimes watery spots are caused by your over-watering. Try to reduce the frequency and see if there are improvements in your yard. Over-watering makes you think that the problem is the drainage system when the soil can't cope with the amount of water every day.


Put underground pipe as drainage

This may need a bit of effort, but putting an underground pipe can improve the soft spot in your yard. The pipe should be placed in a downhill position to ensure that water will flow out and into the main drainage. To install the pipe, dig a sloping trench from the source out into the outlet.

 Put a plastic filter on the source of water, then use a plastic PVC that will serve to discharge the water to the nearest drain.


Install a dry well

A dry well is like an underground catch basin in the yard. This is often used for bigger drainage issues that can't be solved with simple draining. When installing a dry well, excavations should be deep in the soil or low point in the yard in order to contain the amount of water flowing. You can put the dry well at the end of an underground pipe or French drain, and it will then slowly release the water into the soil. If your yard tends to get flooded fast, it is a good candidate for dry well.


Do a regular inspection.

When you have installed necessary drainage around the yard, do not stop there. Do regular inspections around the yard to avoid any future problems with the yard. Improper placement of stones can block the flow of water, and tilling the soil can help loosen and allow better flow of water. However, if you find yourself dissatisfied with the outcome, you can get professional help in assessing and fixing the issue.







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