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How To Get Rid Of Rats In Restaurants Forever?

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Why should rat control be carried out regularly – a question that worries many owners not only of manufacturing enterprises, but of apartment buildings, public institutions and country cottages. This is explained by the fact that dangerous rodents, despite the search for their destruction for hundreds of years, are capable of reproducing at a rapid speed.

From practical experience, we note that today there is a massive invasion of rodents in houses and apartments. This is facilitated by climatic conditions, environmental deterioration and non-compliance with sanitary requirements.

Rodents are found in catering establishments, food production facilities, shops, country houses and apartment buildings. And, despite the huge variety of means and preparations for exterminating rodents, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired effect on your own.

If rats regularly visit a cafe or restaurant, you should immediately contact a specialized company.

In particular, critterstop.com specialists will arrive at the site in the near future, conduct a thorough inspection of the area and determine the degree of pest infestation. Then the drugs are selected in the required concentrations and the area is treated with special equipment.

Professionals use highly effective, certified products from global manufacturers, which are characterized by a low toxicity class, absence of odors and safety for the health of people and animals.

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Why do you need to get rid of rats?

There are a lot of people suffering from rat phobia. When they see a rodent, they feel panicked. But if everyone knew about the harm that these vile animals can cause, then the fight against them would be carried out much more actively. And it is worth noting that rats are dangerous to humans for many reasons:

  1. economic harm. Rodents of this species are omnivores, and therefore easily find food. Over the course of a year, one individual eats up to 10 kg of food, including pasta, bread, grains, vegetables, fruits and everything that comes along the way. Often, rats chew through electrical wiring, which causes short circuits and fires. And it is worth considering that the damage caused by rodents can become a large-scale disaster, both for an individual family and for the entire region;
  2. danger to human and animal health. Rodents are dangerous because they carry more than 30 different infectious diseases. Among them it is worth noting the plague that affects the internal organs of humans, tetanus, fever, flea typhus, rabies, sodoku, melioidosis and others. In addition, pests are sources of infection of fleas, helminths, ticks and other parasites.

If a rat behaves aggressively and attacks a person, then when bitten, it is necessary to immediately stop the bleeding, wash the wound with soap under running water and treat it with an antiseptic. Then consult a doctor and, if necessary, get vaccinated against rabies and tetanus.


Where do rats come from in cafes and restaurants?

The most common reason for the appearance of rats in public catering establishments is perhaps unsanitary conditions. Crumbs, forgotten food scraps, grease on tables, accumulated garbage – all this attracts a large number of rodents and creates favorable conditions for their existence.

However, even if the owners carefully monitor the implementation of sanitary standards in their establishment, a cafe or restaurant still remains an attractive place for rats. The smell of food attracts rodents like a magnet. For a while, rats may be content with scraps in garbage containers, but sooner or later they will look for all sorts of loopholes in order to get into the room.

A small gap is enough for rats to slip into your cozy living room or kitchen. There, rodents will hide in secluded places, coming out from time to time in search of water and food.


Why are rats so dangerous in a catering establishment?

As soon as the rats enter the establishment, they go in search of food. Rats are practically omnivores and can completely destroy your food supply. In addition, rats can damage furniture and design elements, and chew electrical cables, which can lead to a dangerous situation.


Why do you need a professional service?

If there are rats in your apartment or house, you can often do it yourself and deal with the rodents using traditional methods. However, this will not work in a catering establishment. After all, this is a very serious incident, so in this matter it is worth contacting specialists.


Preventive actions

Measures to prevent the appearance of rats in a cafe or restaurant:

  • wash dishes, clear tables, and dispose of waste immediately;
  • remove garbage from the establishment in a timely manner, and also monitor the removal of garbage from the container site;
  • make sure that rats do not have the slightest opportunity to get inside your establishment;
  • at least once every three months, invite specialists from disinfection services. specialists will conduct a full inspection of the establishment and preventively treat it with special preparations.
  • compliance with sanitary standards, regular inspection and cleaning of your cafe or restaurant will significantly reduce the risk of rats and other rodents in the establishment.

However, even if you fully follow the recommendations, you may encounter uninvited guests.


Measures to exterminate rats in restaurants

If, despite all the preventive measures, you still find traces of the presence of rats in your establishment, it is important not to waste time. The later measures are taken, the more difficult it will be to get rid of rodents.

This includes the entire range of extermination activities. Disinfection service specialists draw up a plan for deratization work and select the most effective means in each specific situation.


Basic steps to prepare a room for special rodent extermination services:

  1. remove all utensils and food from the premises to prevent toxic substances from getting into them;
  2. provide specialists with free access to all premises, clear passages;
  3. Ideally, move the furniture away from the walls so that specialists can find all the rats’ openings and block them so that the rodents don’t return to you;
  4. cover furniture and office equipment with waterproof film;
  5. be sure to do a thorough wet cleaning and close the windows tightly;
  6. during the processing and effect of the drugs, the establishment must be closed to visitors.

Experts will tell you what to do after treatment, as well as what to do to prevent rats from returning to you.







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