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The Cleaner’s Conundrum: How To Handle A Perpetually-Stuffy Apartment

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Cleaning tools in apartment

Cleaning tools in apartment

If you are a person who is accustomed to apartment living, you will understand what living in a small space can bring you. A feeling of something that is purely your own and cosy and a safe space.

There is no denying that for some, especially those who are not used to living in a small perimeter, that it can feel cramped and you have limited storage space. This brings me to how living in a small space deals with things that are stagnant. 

As so many of us deal with the prospect of living in tighter dimensions of housing, it can beg the question: "How do you manage the cleaning of an apartment that has never-changing air quality?”

Well, don't panic my dear readers for I have some tips and tricks as to how you can handle this cleaning challenge. 

Clean Out Your Carpets:

One of the primary causes of your rooms becoming endlessly stuffy is that of lingering and accumulative dust. This is especially prominent in soft surfaces, particularly carpeting. 

One of the ways to get rid of this dust and make the area airier is to suck up the particles by regularly using the best vacuum cleaner

This removes the particles and can make sure that it reduces a stagnant environment and may reduce the potential of heightened allergies.


Wash Your Drapes and Blinds:

As annoying and time-consuming as it may be to do, remove your blinds and curtains from the windows and put them in to soak.

According to apartmentguide.com, “wash them in hot water and add vinegar [sic] add this to the water before the drapes.”

Your curtains and blinds can accumulate a large quantity of dormant air and equate to an accumulating dust problem if you don't buy curtains online. As part of doing this chore, you get clean air moving through the apartment, creating better quality.


Be Aware of Your Pets' Odour:

If you share your apartment with a four-legged family member, particularly that of the canine variety, be aware that they can create a bit of a smell.

While we love our furry friends, it is wise to check their nutrition and bathe them occasionally.

In the case of your feline pals, make sure their litter tray(s) are cleaned out regularly. Not only does this keep them healthy from germs and other nasties, but also it keeps your apartment smelling clean and fresh.

Besides, knowing how vocal and specific some breeds can be, your cat will let you know if it is not up to standard.


Essential Oils and Ventilation:

One of the main causes of a stuffy apartment is due to the air being ‘stale.’ This can either be from humidity or and a limited amount of airflow throughout the space of the building. 

One of the best and easiest solutions to this issue is, provided the weather is being kind, to open the windows and naturally aerate the rooms of the apartment and provide some proper ventilation. 

However, in the case that you don’t have that opportunity, a “quick solution is to rub a little vanilla essential oil on the outside of your lightbulbs” when they are switched off. 

This will help to spread a sweet and fragrant natural deodoriser throughout your home when they are lit up. 



Now, when it comes to lack of fresh air in your apartment my dear readers, I hope I have given you some helpful tips on how cleaning everything from your carpet to your dog, and how getting natural ventilation and deodorising your living space, can make you breathe a little easier. 

May your apartment smell sweet!







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