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How to keep a dog warm in the winter

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How to keep a dog warm in the winter? Lists of Best Dog food, Bath Tub, Grooming & More  

How to keep a dog warm in the winter

Best Dog Food


The man's best friend always takes care of its owner, mainly during times the security of the owner is threatened. As payment for this favor, the owner needs to take good care of his friend. Dogs have been domesticated over centuries. This has played a part in the loss of their primal features, which would have helped in withstanding the harsh cold of the winter. So as a dog owner, it is upon you to find the best ways to keep your friend warm and prevent his paws from freezing to death.

Winter can freeze anyone, no matter whether its human, dog, cat or any other pet. We, humans, can still tolerate the chilly winds but our furry friends can't. We can express our pain with words, but they can't. There are many things that you should consider before deciding on anything. Don't let winters stop you from taking your pooch out on a stroll or to a picnic.

To help out with the situation, here are some of the ways with which you can achieve this feat.

 How to keep a dog warm in the winter Steps

Give your dog shelter

How to keep a dog warm in the winter

How to keep dog warm outside

If a lot of time is spent outside by the dog, then make sure that there is a well-constructed place for him to stay in. The structure should be secured to the ground appropriately and have a gable roof. This type of roof is usually weather resistant. Ensure the inside is cozy and soft enough for the dog to sleep comfortably.


Take your time to insulate the dog house

How to keep a dog warm in the winter

Mineral Wool Insulation

In the case that you already had a dog house. Make sure it is fitted with insulation that will ensure it stays warm. If the shelter has worn out parts like holes on the walls, you will need to do repairs. The floor should be four inches above the ground to avoid contact with the cold earth. Then straws or a fuzzy carpet should be placed on the floor to add some warmth.


Dress the dog up to combat the cold

Dogs that are considered small and have less to no fur may need to be clothed. There is a wide range of winter clothes for dogs in the market from dog sweaters to winter jackets. When buying your winter clothes, do not forget to buy some for your pug. Also, this can be the best season to make your dog used to wearing clothes. It looks as adorable as born baby when they are in sweaters or jackets.


Ensure the paws are always in a clean state

When taking your dog for a walk during the winter, always remember to check his paws afterward. This is to check for ice build-up. Remember also to ensure the nails are trimmed. This will make your checking for cuts and cracks easy. Apply vaseline on the paws to keep them moisturized. Try to make it wear dog boots when you take it out for a stroll.


Don't forget a leash when walking the dog

The inquisitive nature of your dog does not come to a halt just because it is cold. With a leash, you will prevent the dog from running off and getting lost in a field of snow or a snowstorm. When on a leash, you will have control over it. You can avoid winter scratches, cuts, and cracks. Snow salt or snow removal chemicals can make it feel irritation on the skin.


Bath the dog inside and create warming stations |  Dog Bath

When washing your dog, do it inside the house. Ensure that he is completely dry before taking him outside. While inside ensure the dog has specific spots that he can get warmth. This warmth spot could have a blanket or even just a simple dog bed. Get your dog fluffy bedding and warmth giving blanket.

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Always ensure your dog is well-fed

Food from a scientific point of view it is a source of heat. So always remember to keep the dog fed and hydrated. A change in diet might be required, like the quantity of food intake might go up. This is to help keep the dog's metabolism in tip-top condition. But look after the over-eating issues. Don't let it happen.

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Grooming should be done accordingly

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Avoid trimming or shaving, as the coat gives warmth to the dog. Make sure you comb the hair regularly, and there aren't any knots in the coat. If snow sticks on the matted hair it won't insulate the dog. Constant grooming will lessen the dander problem.


Check for Frostbite and Don't let it ingest Anti-freeze

Check their ear and tail tips, if they appear white, red or gray, or are dry and hard, or you feel them cool, frostbite may have occurred. Wrap it in a blanket and hurry up to the vet. You will have to rush to the vet in case of anti-freeze ingestion immediately. Dogs find them unusually sweet and will try to lick it wherever it will find the toxic thing. He doesn't know the side effects of it, but you do. It can kill your pup.

So these are the measures that you should take to make your furry friend feel warmer in the chilly cold weather — just a few things to keep in mind to save your pup from feeling cold and getting sick. With proper winter care, your pup will behave as it behaves in other seasons, playful and funny without any doubt.








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