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How To Lubricate Garage Door | 10 easy steps with video and pictures

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How & why to use garage door lubricant?

Lubricate Garage Door

Lubricate Garage Door

Just think it’s a beautiful morning and you are in a fresh mood but your garage door is making ear tearing sound and then stuck when you are going to take out your car from the garage, so definitely it will ruin your day ,yes it can happen with you also but don't worry you can easily fix it by yourself. If we do not maintain our garage door regular properly it can become noisy and squeaky.

Sometimes we follow that our garage door is noisy when we open or close the door, it is a sign that your garage door is not lubricated enough. If you do not lubricate your garage door properly it can become a serious and harmful problem. You need to follow some maintenance to keep your garage door harm-free and make the garage door long lasting.

Remove any cars from the garage before you proceed. Make sure the garage door is closed and disengage the door from the opener for safety.

Dirt or some derbies can make your garage door squeaky. Just to make your garage door noise free, you will need the best lubricant for garage doors and you have to follow some steps, If you follow these steps then you can maintain the garage door very well and use the door for a long time.

Never forget to consult the owner’s manual to see how to lubricate and maintain your specific garage door opener.

Here are​ 10 practical tips about how to lubricate your garage door:

1. ​Close the garage door ​first:

At first you have to close the garage door by the remote or manually, so you can see the whole tracks and all the parts of that door and it will help you to lubricate the door in a proper manner and you can lubricant every corner very easily.

2. You have to cut the power to the door:

Make sure you cut the power of the garage door before you start to lubricate the door. If you can't reach to the plug or can't open the plug just turn off the control switch from the circuit box. It will be safer for you to lubricate the door if you turn off the power to the door. Always remember safety first.

3. Clean out the tracks of the door:

The tracks are one of the most important parts of the door. In the tracks, the door rollers move to adjust the door when you try to open or close the door, don't lubricate it. Instead, try to clean it with a normal cloth and clean out the debris and dirt from the tracks. If you clean the tracks it will operate the door properly and a clean track will help you not to stuck the rollers of the door.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner on tracks:

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean away the dust and debris and the dirt from the tracks. You may have a problem cleaning up the higher part of the tracks with cloth, the vacuum cleaner is the best way to reach there and clear all the dirt from there. And it is also helpful for those corners where your clothes can't reach.

5. Use lithium based grease:

Always buy a lithium based grease for your garage door. There are such greases that are especially for garage door, do not use oil or the same type of product on the garage door to lubricate it. Oil helps to build up the dirt and it can affect the door. Using oil is not appropriate.

6. Lubricate the hinges: 

At first open up the door by slowly lift the garage door, then apply the spray of lithium grease on the hinges. The hinges will be lubricated and all the moving parts of the garage door will be much smoother to use than before if the door is old then it can take several times for becoming a free moving door.

7. Lubricate the rollers:

Lubricate the rollers in the tracks. Rollers help you to move the garage door open or close. The rollers have small ball bearings in them, the spray will lubricate the ball bearings and then you can open or close the door easily and smoothly.

8. Spray the bearing plates and the springs of the garage door:

​The top portion of the rail is what your chain actually rides along, so it's the part that needs to be lubricated. Spraying the bottom of the rail won't do much. Spray down the top of the rail and then spread the grease around with a rag. The rail is the portion that your chain rides on and should run along your garage's ceiling.

​9. Spray the bearing plates and the springs of the garage door:

First found a step ladder then spray on the spring and bearing plates of the door. The spring is on the top of the door, and the plates are on both side of the garage door spring. Spray the grease very well around the spring and plates and then open the door and close this several times to make the grease spread all over the bearing plates and spring. After that, it will help your garage door to move easily without any noise.

​10. Lubricate other things on the door: 

After you finish up lubricating the parts of the garage door. Try to spray on locks and an arm-bar and other valuable parts. For a long-lasting garage door.

As our knowledge, it is the best and easy way to lubricate the door, please follow these steps properly to make your garage door noise free. Be happy and stay blessed.


Always ​read the owner’s manual to see how to lubricate and maintain your specific garage door opener. Use a white lithium grease based lubricant to lubricate all the hinges, springs, bearings, rollers, and pivot points. Remove stuff from garage before you spray lubricant, you definitely want to remove your car first in case you ruin you car paint with these strong oily lubricant.

Check out the viral YouTube video below to learn How & why to use garage door lubricant.

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