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How To Maintain A Constant Room Temperature

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It is not a new fact that extreme temperatures are dangerous for both humans and pets. The body needs a reasonably regulated environment for optimum functionality. While one can internally maintain homeostasis, the state of wellness of a person is also a function of their immediate environment. This calls for the need to maintain room temperature regularly. A reminder peg should be placed on the fact that adults' ideal room temperature is different from the perfect room temperature for babies, elderly ones, and even pets. Hence, one would need systems that afford you the flexibility of controlling what temperature you want at any given time. Below are ways in which one can achieve temperature regulation:

Use of Automation

One of the ways to maintain a constant room temperature is the use of automation. This involves smart AC controllers, which provide unparalleled flexibility in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control and even offers an additional ability to control the room temperature away from home. It always ensures that the room temperature is regulated. You could also set the preferred temperature with an operating profile and schedule the temperature range needed in that room for a week or more- this annuls constant worry about fluctuating room temperature. The smart AC could also set up a humidity range with upper and lower bounds maintained by the AC all by itself. If you have indoor plants and you are using led grow lights to help them grow, temperature automation could be used to create the ideal humidity and temperature for them.


Use of Thermostat

Thermostats are very significant devices for maintaining constant room temperature. A thermostat exerts control by switching the heating or cooling device on or off or by regulating the flow of a heat transfer fluid as needed. It operates on the concept of thermal expansion to switch a circuit off and on using bimetallic strips or gas-filled bellows.

The bimetallic strip has limitations in that it makes thermostats take a long time to come off when you switch it off and even a longer time to heat or cool down, and thus they do not react quickly to temperature changes when a bimetallic strip is in use. One can overcome this limitation by using Gas-filled bellows inside the thermostat. The gas bellows use a pair of metal discs with gas-filled bellows in between, which reacts faster to heat because of the large surface area and corrugated ridges in between them.


Zoning Systems

The use of zoning systems allows one to set specific temperatures within each particular section of the home. For story buildings, the upstairs rooms can be maintained at a slightly lower temperature, while the lower portion of the house can be slightly higher. You can program different rooms with different activities like the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen to be at the same temperatures. This zoning allows the temperature to be constant across a home.

The use of zoning can further be augmented by making the best use of room windows. Windows can be a source of additional heat into the room through sunlight, making it slightly warmer than usual. You could use window shades, UV filters, and colored screens on the windows to reduce the temperature. These reduce the amount of sunlight and its intensity coming inside the room.


Conduct Energy Audits

Regular energy audits by Utility and HVAC companies can also be a great way to maintain a constant room temperature. You could use professionals’ services to thoroughly inspect your home and look for potential heat or cold sources, such as cracked windows, improperly sealed cabinets, broken doors, and damaged ducts or walls. These sources serve as spots for leakage of air from the room and result in temperature variations. It is also necessary to replace old and faulty HVAC units as they may have trouble keeping a steady temperature due to leaky pipes and refrigerant leaks. Defective units often work at will, meaning they will be cooling or heating as intended but are non-operational at times. As such, it is essential to get the AC checked up often by a professional.

Technology has advanced so much that you can maintain a constant room temperature and decide what temperature you want to keep. Try set-up any of the above-listed systems in your apartment and enjoy living in a temperature-regulated environment.



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