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How to Make a Wheelbarrow Planter? Find Best Wheelbarrow

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How to Make a Wheelbarrow Planter?



Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter

When you are done with something and it’s heading to the garbage, a few modifications can easily recycle the use of it. And wheelbarrow is one such thing that can be recycled in such a way by turning that into a wheelbarrow planter.

So, what is a wheelbarrow planter? As the name suggests, it’s an ‘out-of-order’ wheelbarrow that is no longer able to serve as a gardening accessories transport. Instead, the vessel inside it can be turned into a soil container and plants can be grown on it. That’s what a wheelbarrow planter is all about.

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In this article, we will take you through a step by step guide on how to make a wheelbarrow planter from scratch. Stay stuck-

When Does A Wheelbarrow Turn into A Wheelbarrow Planter?

There are several indicators of when a wheelbarrow can be turned into a wheelbarrow planter. Several sorts of limitations can turn it into a disabled one. And that’s when you can make an alternative use of it by turning it into a planter.


Here are a few such symptoms when you’ll get the message-

  1. When the wheelbarrow has rusted.
  2. When cracks are at its body.
  3. When a wheelbarrow vessel has a broken part.
  4. When the wheelbarrow has broken handles.
  5. When the wheels are out of order.


Steps on How to Make A Wheelbarrow Planter?

how to find best wheelbarrow



Step 1: Prepare the wheelbarrow 

To begin with the process, you need to prepare the outside area of the wheelbarrow. Some might not look the rotten, rusted outlook of the wheelbarrow vessel and might want to give it a different look.

Also, in case you buy a wheelbarrow of a wooden type, there can be an empty up back. In those cases, you should nail a board in the backside of that to make it a complete space to put soil.

Once done with initial prepping, go with the next steps.


Step 2: Drill the hole on the vessel

To begin with the process, we need to make the irrigation hole at the bottom of the wheelbarrow. The diameter of the hole will be around ¾ inches and it will locate exactly at the center of the vessel.

Turn the wheelbarrow upside down and create 3-6(based on the size of the wheelbarrow) of such holes on the bottom. Make sure that the wheelbarrow is positioned strongly while you are creating the holes.


Step 3: Fit the screen on the bottom

To make sure that the soil doesn’t get down in by the irrigation holes, we have to put a wire mesh on the bottom of the wheelbarrow vessel. To make it a perfect match cut a wired mesh according to the exact amount of area to the vessel areal itself.

Also, make sure that the holes of the wired mesh are small enough that no soil can fall out through the holes.


Step 4: Fill the wheelbarrow with soil

We expect that before stepping into this process, you might have prepared the potting soil to put into the planter. In case you have not prepared for it yet, you can make a blend of peat moss, compost, and other organic ingredients into a proper ratio. Remember, the less soil you put it into the mix, the easier it would be to transport the wheelbarrow planter around the garden.

Done with making the mix? Now, take enough amount of that to put it into the vessel and keep it 1 inch lower than the level of the wheelbarrow.


Step 5: Plant the seeds

Now, the fourth step of the process is regarding planting seeds. No matter it’s the flower or the vegetables or anything else, take the seeds of plants of your choice.

While putting the seeds into the soil, maintain a decent distance from plants to plants. Otherwise, they will have trouble in spreading the roots in such a congested area.


Step 6: Add mulch around the seeds

To make sure that there is a solid weed suppression, you have to add a few inches of mulching around the seeds. For mulching, you can use just the regular organic mulch around your garden. Some shredded bark, lava rock, pea gravel, wood chips etc can be the ideal sources of organic and inorganic mulch around the garden.


Step 7: Place the wheelbarrow plant the right space

Once you are done with all the steps, now it’s time to put it in the right place. The desired location to put a wheelbarrow planter can vary from person to person.

The best kind of place to put such a planter is, however, the center of the flower garden or the end paths of the driveway. If you put flower seeds into the planter, put it somewhere where it’s exposed to the people who're around the garden.

Also, don’t put the wheelbarrow in a place where it’s not under direct sunlight. If so, you have to move the wheelbarrow planter every day to get it some sunlight.


Tips to Get the Best out of A Wheelbarrow Planter

Done with making the wheelbarrow planter? Now, there comes the question of getting the best out of it. Here are a few tips in this regard-

  1. Plant annual and perennial flowers/veggies/fruits in a wheelbarrow planter.
  2. Make sure that the hole on the wheelbarrow vessel is able to drain the water properly.
  3. When the plants need sunlight, move the barrow towards -places where it is sunny.
  4. Throughout the day, put the wheelbarrow planter in a sunnier location.
  5. Make sure that it’s not in a place where it can get attacked by animals or pets or kids.


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Bottom Line

Turning a wheelbarrow into a beautiful planter is one of the greatest recycling ideas that a gardener can come up with. But before that, you need to make sure that the wheelbarrow is completely out of function. Also, keep a sharp eye to keep your plants to keep it safe.





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