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How To Make Cardboard Box Gift Packaging Look More Attractive – Guide 2021

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When you hear the word packaging, you know it is an activity that deals with designing, evaluating, and producing the box gift for a product. In simple terms, you do the packaging on the box-like container where you put your product. It would be best if you used it for the protection of the product from any physical damage. Also, at the same instant, it helps attract the customer or other people through its appealing packaging.

There are three steps of packaging; primary package, secondary packaging, and lastly, shipping packaging, or you can say the third package. Cardboard box packaging comes in secondary packaging. Furthermore, cardboard box gift packaging is an important marketing tool. There are different factors for that, and some of them are as below:

  • Designing the product’s package to draw the audience’s attention towards it
  • It increases the audience affluence
  • Also, it gives brand recognition
  • It brings enormous profits and benefits for the firm with the innovative packaging.

Types Of Box Gift Packaging

People worldwide get confused about the different kinds of box packaging and the interchangeable terms used to describe them. For example, you get folding Cartons, rigid Boxes, set-up Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Paperboard Boxes, and many more. However, there are three most common types of box gift packaging in the whole world and are as below:


Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are also known as paperboard cartons, or you can say paperboard boxes. These boxes are some of the most common types of box packaging that you will see at most retail stores worldwide. The best example of a folding carton is a typical cereal box with different patterns, sizes, and shapes.


Rigid Boxes

As the name suggests, they are sturdier and don’t fold or collapse as folding cartons do. They are mainly for higher-end, or you can say expensive products and where apparent value is essential. However, that is not always the case. Moreover, you can use it when the product within is heavy and needs some extra support. If you want a perfect image of rigid box packaging, your answer is a Phone box with different sizes, shapes, and patterns.


Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are also known as grooved boards, corrugated fiberboard, or combined board. They are brown cardboard boxes. You generally use it for packaging your belongings, especially when you move to a new house or temporarily shift to another place.

In packaging, these boxes are generally known as shipper boxes and also master packs. The common usage of these boxes is to ship a company’s retail-ready products to stores all over the country or world.


DIY Cardboard Box Gift Packaging

There are different types of box gift packaging, and if you want to make one, you can DIY a simple cardboard box gift packaging. Here is a step-by-step instruction:


Tools You Need To Prepare

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Colored paper with patterns
  • Ribbon
  • Stationery like pens, rulers, scissors, glue, glue gun



  • Take a cardboard sheet and start outlining a sketch of your gift box. Remember to use a pen and a ruler for the outline. Make according to the proper dimensions for your gift box packaging. You can take measurements like Length 34cm, Width 15cm, and four crate lids, each 10 cm.
  • Draw the lid for your box on another cardboard sheet. You can do it with a ruler and a pen according to perfect dimensions. For example, if you took the above dimensions for the package, dimensions for the lid will be Length 34.5 cm, Width 15.5 cm, two vertical flaps 3 cm, and two horizontal flaps 3 cm.
  • Now, take out two rectangular cardboard sheets having dimensions of 14.5 x 33.5 and 15 x 34. Also, glue the inner side, the bottom of the box, and the lid of your package.
  • In the next step, you need to cut the cardboard into two rectangles with different sizes of 9.5 x 33.5. Also, cut two rectangles with dimensions of 9.5 x 14.5 and stick the inner side of the bottom of your gift box. Cut the paper lining the box.
  • Once the drawing and cutting process is complete, you need to fold the edges of the paper 1.5 cm into the inner side of the cardboard so that you can form the box.
  • The next step is to take a glue gun to stick them together. Seal all four sides of the cardboard box in 4 corners. Also, you need to glue the two corners of the three sides of your box lid together.
  • After making the cardboard box, the final step is decoration. You can use any embellishments like ribbons, color papers, flowers, etc. Also, you can cover your whole cardboard box with a designed piece and tie a simple ribbon on it.


Uses Of Cardboard Box Packaging

Basic and most common uses of cardboard box packaging:


Packaging And Moving

You can use larger cardboard boxes from warehouse stores, supermarkets, or offices to pack and move. Also, moving is expensive enough. Therefore, you should not waste extra few bucks when you get the boxes for free.



You can create the perfect low-budget filing system by just grabbing some printer-paper boxes to organize your tax returns. Also, you can use it for instruction manuals, old college papers, or extra family photos.



Binge more on the gift by getting the box for free. Whether you are the one who is sending the gift or giving it in person, a classic cardboard gift box makes every gift more special and memorable.



The cardboard box gift packaging is capable of persuading a buyer to initiate sales. It is because your buyer will contact the package first and after that with your product. Also, you would know that the first impression is the last. Therefore making it is very crucial to make the best cardboard box gift packaging. You can also connect to www.alltimecare.com/ to for customized cardboard box packaging.







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