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How To Make Your Dishwasher Last Longer

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dishwasher repair

dishwasher repair

Dishwashers are common appliances in modern homes, even when their users can do the dishes themselves. They are economical, safe, fast, and accurate, unlike many humans who don’t wash dishes for a living. However, if you don't want to be the person who picks up the slack when this handy appliance fails, you should probably take steps to prolong its lifespan and prevent some of its common issues.

Sadly, as one of the most appreciated and frequently used appliances, the dishwasher is often overlooked. Many consumers don't pay much attention to their dishwashers until their glasses and silverware turn spotty or until these appliances begin leaking, malfunctioning, or outright refusing to work.

Fortunately, you can both avoid these problems and make your dishwasher last longer by taking advantage of our tips below.

Practice Good, Basic Maintenance

There are four easy steps in basic dishwasher maintenance to keep this appliance

performing like new for many years to come. These include:

  • Cleaning the sprayer arms
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Checking for and dealing with rust
  • Using your dishwasher correctly and at the proper temperatures

Always scrape off as much leftover food from the dishes as you can before loading them in. This simple move will limit the amount of work that your filter has to do while ensuring that the sprayer arms and other interior components aren't accumulating large amounts of grease and general waste.

Check that your water heater is set at a reasonable setting so that you can confidently use your dishwasher at high temperatures without melting any of its components. Depending upon the type of dishwasher and how often this appliance is used, checking and cleaning the filter and sprayer arms may be something that you need to do at least once each week.

Monthly rust checks will allow you to identify and address any corrosion problems before rust buildup can clog the pump.


Know Your Troubleshooting Limits

Dishwashers and many other major home appliances have an uncanny knack for malfunctioning at the worst possible times. If your dishwasher goes out of service right before or just after a large dinner party, or while you're entertaining a number of houseguests, you may be tempted to try resolving the problem alone.

The best source for troubleshooting tips will always be your owner's manual. However, keep in mind that performing any major appliance repairs without the assistance of a licensed professional ups the risk of voiding any existing manufacturer or extended warranties.

If the solution is more complicated than merely cleaning off grimy, easily accessible parts, get in touch with professionals providing dishwasher repair services in San Diego or closer service areas instead.


Have Your Plumber Install a Pressure-Reducing Valve

If you love hot showers that can simultaneously provide a deep massage, then having high water pressure might seem like a good thing. However, if the water pressure is too high in your home, you're creating and paying for a tremendous amount of wasted water.

More importantly, high water pressure can expedite wear and tear on your appliances, thereby shortening their lifespans. Consider having your plumber install a pressure reducing valve to moderate flow. Not only will this limit wear on your dishwasher, but it could also prevent a variety of common troubleshooting issues.



A dishwasher can be a godsend for busy people and large families. But don't wait

until serious problems arise to start paying attention to this well-loved and much-needed appliance. Diligent maintenance will limit the need for repairs and ensure that your dishwasher lasts a long time. Whenever problems do arise, having them resolved quickly will ensure that they can never (again) spiral out of control.