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How to Remove Adhesive From Wood: 4 of the Top Ways to Use

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If you want to rip up any floor type covering, you may be happy to see the hardwood underneath. However, your thrill may be soon gone when you discover that there is an adhesive or glue on the wood. Some adhesives may be in their liquid form. So, the most excellent way to get rid of them is to return them to their liquid state.

Other commercial products such as adhesive removers and strippers may also be available as options to remove them. However, if you want other methods on how to remove adhesive from wood, then read on for more.

How to Remove Adhesives

Here are some ways to get rid of the bothersome adhesives from your wood:

Using Hot Water and Towels

Using Hot Water and Towels

1. Boil a Pot of Water

You need to put a pot of 4 to 6 cups of water on your stove. Then, wait for the water to boil. You may use an electric kettle to boil it.

2. Soak a Towel in the Hot Water

You can use old, used towels for this process. However, make sure they are free of stains and damages. You have to submerge them in hot water. Then, you have to be careful not to harm your hands.

3. Put the Towels on the Floor

By doing so, you can keep the temperature of the water. Also, it enables to rest over the exterior of the adhesive. So, you can loosen and heat it up faster.

4. Keep the Towels into Place

You have to put the towels still for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then, you can wipe off the surface of the floor using the cloth. That way, you can melt the adhesives for them to come off quickly.

5. Scrape the Remaining Adhesive Using a Floor Scraper

Then, slowly run the floor with a floor scraper with any adhesive left. However, be cautious enough not to damage or scratch the floor completely.

Utilize a Heat Gun

Utilize a Heat Gun

1. Get a Heat Gun

The first thing you have to do is to have a heat gun to reheat the adhesive for quick removal. You have to turn on the heat gun and make sure that it will reach the part quickly. If not, you can use an extension wire.

2. Apply Direct Heat to the Adhesive

Position the heat gun towards the adhesive. Then, put it as close as the glue, if you can, without touching it. Continue the method until the resins meltdown.

3. Clean the Area Using a Dry Towel

You need to use a clean, but an old towel to start wiping away the adhesives. You may want to reheat the adhesives again if possible.

4. Obtain a Scraper to Get the Residue of the Adhesives

You have to get the leftover adhesives using a floor scraper. You have to move slowly to avoid scratching the floor.

Use a Commercial Product

Use a Commercial Product

1. Buy a Commercial Adhesive Remover

These products are helpful when it comes to getting rid of strong adhesives. Then, you have to look for a remover that will suit your wood.

2. Put on a Mask, Protective Eyewear, and Gloves

Commercial adhesive removers are quite tough to use. So, it is crucial that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from these chemicals. Also, you have to put on your mask and protective eyewear.

3. Check Out the Efficiency of the Adhesive Remover

It is an excellent idea that you test out your adhesive remover to see how it works. You need to choose a tiny portion, like your closet, to assess if the adhesive remover works efficiently. Also, some may have adverse reactions on the floor like staining and damaging it.

4. Place a Smart Part of the Adhesive Remover onto Damp Sponge

Start with a small amount of the remover by following the guidelines indicated. Then, you have to use a damp sponge to apply the remover to the floor.

5. Wait for a Few Minutes

You need to leave the adhesive remover for quite some time to loosen the adhesives. Remember that you need to follow the manufacturer’s manual.

6. Get a Scraper to Remove the Residue

You need to use a tool and use careful motions to get any excess adhesives left on the hardwood floor.

Obtain a Dry Ice

Obtain a Dry Ice

1. Assemble all of Your Supplies

For this method, you need to gather some protective eyewear, gloves, metal tray or sheet, and a half pound block of dry ice. You may purchase dry ice at your local grocery stores or hardware.

2. Wear the Protective Eyewear and Gloves

Just like adhesive remover, dry ice is also a strong way to manage leftover adhesives. So, you need to put on your rubber gloves and protective eyewear when handling it.

3. Place the Half Pound Block of Dry Ice on the Metal Tray or Sheet

With gloved hands, you need to put the dry ice on the metal sheet or tray. It should be big enough to cover the part you’d like to get rid. If it is not large enough, you can still repeat the whole process.

4. Position the Tray Atop the Adhesive

The dry ice will start to harden. Next, it will most likely crack all of the remains of the glue. So, allow for it to sit for about a minute. It is one of the cleanest and fastest ways to loosen and remove the floor adhesive.

5. Use a Scraper to Lift Off the Pieces of the Adhesive

You can now put away the tray. Then, gently use soft movements to get some pieces of the adhesive. But, be careful not to damage the floor.


Adhesives are helpful when it comes to working on the hardwood and any other pieces of wood. However, you should expect spills and remains on the surface of the wood after your project. So, if you want to get rid of these annoying adhesives on your wood, you need to follow the guidelines and methods indicated enough.

Also, the next time you use adhesives or glue, you need to make sure that you are careful enough in handling them. Also, while they can be fun and convenient to use when decorating and fixing your wood, you need to make sure that you do not use them on inappropriate parts. That way, you prevent any mistakes before they start to happen.

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