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How to Remove Garbage Disposal for a Trash-free Home

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Often, customers just like me want to remove their old garbage disposal by themselves. There are different reasons why they want to get rid of their disposer from their kitchen sinks. The problem with your drain lines is probably the most typical reason why you have to remove it.

With the old strains, even the tiniest pieces of food can get stuck in the pipes, which cause blockages. It mostly can be irritating. If you are good at DIY projects, why not try our steps on how to remove garbage disposal? Not only that these are easy to remember and follow, but it is also cheap!

How to Remove Garbage Disposal

What You Need to Prepare

Here are the materials and tools you will need for this project:

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Channel-type pliers
  • Basket Strainer
  • Plumber’s putty

How to Remove a Garbage Disposal

The step-by-step guide on the removal of your disposer includes:

1. Disconnecting the Garbage Disposal

To get rid of the disposer, you have to start by disconnecting and unplugging the disposal itself. Firstly, detach the disposer from the wall. Then, you will have to take away the drain trap. It connects the drain pipe and the garbage disposal. You can achieve this by putting a container below the trap so that you can get the water flows from the pipes.

Using your channel-type pliers, eliminate the two nuts of the drain trap. Pull the tube going down straight. Remove the waste continuously by taking out the bolts using your pliers. Then, pull out the pipe.

2. Unplugging the Dishwasher

How to Remove Garbage Disposal

If you own a dishwasher, then most probably, it also connects to your garbage disposal. Before you eliminate the disposer, you have to detach the drain line of the dishwasher. Using your pliers, you have to take away the dishwasher tube from the disposer.

3. Taking Away the Garbage Disposal

Taking Away the Garbage Disposal

Pop in the flat screwdriver into the mounting ring (preferably the lower part). Then, twist it ¼ clockwise to unlock the ring. The disposer will come down fast, so you should be ready to catch it. What will be left is the mounting. To get rid of it, try loosening the first three screws. Next, obtain a flat screwdriver to loosen the snap ring. The rest of the mounting will come off quickly. Then, you can get the top part out from the side of your sink.

Now that you know how to remove a garbage disposal, you also have to see how to install it or a basket strainer for garbage disposal reviews. Here’s how.

How to Install the Garbage Disposal

1. Assembling the Basket Strainer

How to Remove Garbage Disposal

There are numerous types of basket drainers on the market today. Every sewer will have its proper installation. So, you need to follow the guidelines carefully. Ensure that you place the putty ring around the strainer before you insert it into the opening of the sink.

Position the rubber washer, then follow the bottom mounting cup before the nut. Tighten the nut until it becomes firm. Get rid of the residual putty from the top of your sink.

2. Fastening the Dishwasher and the Drain Pipe

The basket strainer links to the drain with the flanged tail piece. If you have a dishwasher, you should have a tail piece with an extra inlet for the drain line. The tail piece can screw easily into the strainer. Make sure that it should come with the basket strainer.

Also, you can put a small amount of putty on the nut in between the filter and the tail piece washer. Re-assemble the tube into the tail piece using your pliers.

3. Setting Up the Continuous Waste

You have to put the continuous waste pipe. It will be advisable to cut this into the proper size. To get the right dimension, place a tip of the tube into position and label where you have to cut it. The waste pipe should have a slope from the trap. Take note of this when you get the measurement and when cutting the pipe.

Once your waste pipe fits properly, you can tighten the nuts to make sure that the joint washers are facing the desired direction. They should face down to the threads.

4. Installing the Trap

Lastly, you have to assemble your trap and arm. You may have to extend the pipe using a tail piece to line it up correctly. Then, slice the tube to fit and tighten the whole nuts to make sure that the washers are facing the right way. The only area where you do not need the machine is the link of the trap and the trap arm.

Secure all of the nuts together and assess if both corners are free from leaks by filling them with water and draining them. If one bolt starts to leak out, you have to tighten it more using your pliers.

Useful Tips to Follow

How to Remove Garbage Disposal

Here are some tips and tricks you have to consider when removing the garbage disposal:

  • You have to remember that your disposer has a few attachments, including a dishwasher drain, electrical supply, disposal mounted below your sink, and a drain to your sink trap.
  • To be safe, turn off the power at the panel. You have to know that it is not obligatory to shut down the power as long as you disable the switch of the disposer. If not, you should place the tape over the disposer. That way, you can’t turn on the power by mistake. But, make sure not to leave the bare wires beneath the sink.
  • Before you try to re-assemble the mounting below the sink, you have to fit the snap ring into place. It can be quite challenging to do this underneath your sink. But, if you practice for a few times, it will be easier and faster.

Final Thought

Removing your garbage disposal can be tricky and costly at times, especially if you ask the help of a professional plumber. By doing this on your own, you will save more money and get to the process right away.

By following the guidelines indicated above, you will surely find this DIY project simple to complete. With the necessary tools and finishing these steps, you will be able to take away your old garbage disposal in no time and at minimal cost!





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