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How to remove nails from wood: Tips that will surely help

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Are you a homemaker and currently having a difficulty keeping up with household cleaning and maintenance? If your answer is yes, let me tell you that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who struggle with not only cleaning but doing repairs at home.I, for one, had the same struggle too. At first, I thought I could do just about anything by myself. However, when the time called for a serious repair, I had a hard time keeping up.Nonetheless, for someone who doesn’t have the gift of fixing stuff, I have been keen to learn. I realized that in this day and age, everything could be easily answered by Google. And so it has always been a matter of typing my question and reading the instructions, and voila! Problem solved!

What was the worst breakage in your home that you had to fix yourself? Have you experienced fixing your fuse box? Or perhaps you have tried patching up a hole in your roof with epoxy? Do you know how to remove nails from wood? hammer nails We will specifically discuss this last question. Removing nails from wood might sound as though it is necessary and too easy. Well, if you compare it to the other tasks mentioned, it might be easy for you. But here you will be surprised to know that it could be tricky too, especially with a fine wood.

I. What You Will Need

The following materials are standard tools that you can find on your dad’s toolbox. If you do not readily have them, you can easily purchase them from your local hardware shop. You do not have to worry because they do not cost much. Note: You may choose only one of these two materials. Of course, it is best if you have both of them so you could try one if the other does not work. The more important thing is not the tool but how you apply the technique with the tool.

1. Cat’s Paw

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This is another tool that you can easily find in a man’s toolbox. All carpenters have this. If you ask in a hardware store what tool you’ll need for removing nails, this will be the first suggestion. That is because removing nails is what it is made for.

2. Hammer

Stanley 51-112 7 Ounce Fiberglass Hammer
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Of course, the most economical and practical way to bend or remove the nails is by using the hammer. The hammer, after all, is the tool you used to place them. There are no strict rules on buying it. Just a basic hammer will do, even for beginners. Just try holding it and see if you can handle the grip and the weight and you are ready to go.

II. How to Remove Nails from Wood

Rusty nail in rotten wood

1. Use your hammer’s strength

One of the common mistakes is tugging the hammer’s handle too much. Sometimes this can cause the hammer to break or lose the handle. Instead of doing this, shove the claw part of the hammer onto the nail and rock it sideways. You have to be patient in doing this repeatedly.

2. Put a piece of block

You put the block on the surface of the wood you are protecting. This way, when you rock your hammer’s or cat’s paw’s claw, there won’t be a crack. The block will serve as a weight for the wood to be held still and clear of damage.

3. Dig carefully for the buried nails

This is where the cat’s paw comes in. Dig through the nail by targeting the bottom of the nail head. Once you catch a part of the head, lever it out, and you are done.

4. Just drive the nail

If you are meticulous or just wants to be careful, you may want to consider driving the nail. This way, the nails would not be too hard to pull out once buried. Driving the nails is the same as punching them with a nail set.

5. Cut the nails

If it comes to a point where pulling out is tough, you can just cut a portion of it. You can do this by using a reciprocating saw used in demolition.

6. Pull from the back

This is an alternative for when the body of the nail is out. If the nail is thin and the nail head is small, you can easily execute this step. It should be done slowly and carefully, though. Close up on barn wood with nails

III. Conclusion

There you have it: a list of techniques for pulling out nails easier. This task is done with care depending on which part of the house you will be removing the nails from. If it involves your flooring, your wall or your house’s foundation, it could be challenging. You might want to take a few steps back and review this guide before actually doing it. Remember that it pays to read and learn from the experts first. You would not want to ruin your home by just hammering or destroying everything. If you have queries or suggestions, feel free to write them down below.

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