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How to Remove Toilet Seat in 3 Hassle-free Ways Possible

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Often, your toilet seat may leave a narrow space that makes it hard for you to move around. However, you do not need to panic because you can remove toilet seats quickly. All you have to do is to unfasten their joining bolts and nuts.

If the hardware of your seat makes it difficult for you to remove it, then you may use the socket set. It is a drill or a saw designed to detach your stubborn toilet seat. Also, you can avoid corrosion and make the next disassemble faster and easier. With that, check out some methods to consider on how to remove toilet seat.

3 Ways to Remove Toilet Seat


Here is a list of strategies to apply when you want to take away that annoying toilet seat:

#1: Get Rid of a Standard Toilet Seat

Opening the Bolt Caps to Access the Fasteners

Opening the Bolt Caps to Access the Fasteners

Grab the Nut and Fasten the Bolt as Firm as You Can

Next, you have to look for the nut screwed to the end of every bolt. Other nuts may have a form quite similar to the wing nut. So, it will enable you to hold the nut in place using your hand. If your grip is weak, the nut may not have the same shape. If so, try to grasp it using a pair of pliers.

Unfasten the Bolts Using the Tools Required

In common cases, you will have to unscrew the screws with a regular screwdriver. As you hold the nut on the tip of the bolt, you have to put the screwdriver into the head of the screw. Then, you have to twist it counterclockwise so that you can unscrew the bolt.

Take Off the Toilet Seat

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Take Off the Toilet Seat

Gather the bolts, nuts, and other metal hardware or loose plastic, including screw covers, found in your toilet seat. Place these small materials into a plastic container and make sure to tape them. That way, you can find these little items quickly when you need them. Now that you have removed your seat, you can install another one instantly.

#2: Detaching Your Stubborn Toilet Seats

Detaching Your Stubborn Toilet Seats

Lubricate the Rotten Metal Hardware Using Penetrating Oil

You can use penetrating oil such as the WD40, that can revitalize metal hardware with rust. All you have to do is to spray it on bolts and nuts thoroughly. Make sure that you lubricate them so that you can take them off quickly.

Remember that you have to wait for a couple of minutes for the oil to get absorbed into the spaces of the metal and get rid of the rot. If you do not have a penetrating oil, you can use a combination of 10% acetone and 90% vegetable oil.

Use Tape to Secure the Toilet Seat

As you carry on with removal methods, it will be most likely that you will push against the seat most of the time. But, it will still depend on the current situation and the type of fasteners you utilized to fasten the seat. However, for most cases, you need to tape the seat and lid together in an open or closed position.

If it needs you to drill or cut your bolts to take off the seat, then tape a cover such as the cardboard. That way, you can protect the plastic seat and the porcelain materials.

Get Rid of the Bolts Using a Socket Set

In other situations, you may have to fit your device into the nuts directly. By doing so, you can hold the screws in the right places. Some toilets may need a socket extension or a deep socket so that you can reach the nut.

All you have to do is to turn it counterclockwise to loosen the nut quickly. If the bolt and the nut are quite loose, the ball may roll with the lock when you try to loosen them. Place the screwdriver on the lock if you want to secure it. Then, loosen the nut using the socket wrench.

Cut the Unmoving Hardware Using a Hack Saw

You have to obtain a broad knife and place it to cover the porcelain of your toilet just around the bolt’s head. It will protect the item from scratches when you use the saw. Then, cut the hardware fastening the toilet and the seat using a hack saw. It may take you a little while to complete the whole process.

#3: Maintain the Toilet Seat

Maintain the Toilet Seat

Clean the Seat Regularly

When your toilet seat is dirty, it can build up rot and damage your seat and its surrounding hardware. So, you need to clean it now and then using a bathroom cleaner or a cleaning brush.

Secure the Nuts Using Rubber Brushings

You can purchase these rubber rushings at your local home center or hardware store. You need to slide the brushings up the bolt. Use the tapered section of the tool in the toilet. Then, tighten the nuts with the device that came together with your brushings when you bought them.

Put the Seat Stabilizers to Wobbly Seats

You can buy these items at your local home center. All you need to do is to place these to your seats that are still loose. They should reach the interior rim of your toilet bowl. When they are in their right position, secure them in place using screws permanently.

Replace Damaged Parts

As you use your toilet every time, you cannot avoid the wearing out of some parts. They may start to discolor and become brittle. These are some signs that you need to change these parts. When the plastic becomes cracked, you need to replace it as soon as possible.


The fasteners on your seat may or may not corrode. But, for old ones, they may start to rot over time. For old seats, the metal hardware may tend to rust. That way, they may become impossible to detach with a wrench. However, you do not need to worry. With the use of the methods above, you can remove your toilet seat in no time!





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