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How To Storm Proof Your Garden

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storm damage

storm damage

Find out how to make sure your garden is able to handle more extreme weather without getting completely turned upside down over winter.

It is becoming more and more common for extreme weather to occur during winter in the UK. Whereas before we might think that there could be snow at some point, but otherwise it will be wet, drizzly and dark, these days there could be multiple named storms, flooding, high winds and even tornadoes.

This kind of extreme weather is not going anywhere, unfortunately, as climate change makes itself known even in our sleepy little corner of the world. Climate modelling predicts that every country will see more extreme weather in years to come.

For this reason, winter preparation for the garden needs to be a little more extensive than winterising your plants. Extra measures need to be made to ensure that you get through to spring with a garden that is in good seasonal condition.

To help you, here are some helpful pieces of information that will help you storm proof your outdoor space ready for the different weather fronts we might face during winter in the UK:

Add Extra Screws/ Concrete To Anything Fixed

It is a great idea to check your fencing, bird boxes and anything else fixed in the garden before the bad weather comes. Everything that is fixed should be securely in place so that it cannot get blown down.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not something is fixed down, double down. It is much easier to add more screws, nails, glue or concrete than having to totally replace something or repair it.

Windproof The Greenhouse

Greenhouses are one of the most expensive buildings in a garden and they are also vulnerable to wind damage. Windproofing it is not only sensible, but a really important thing to do to protect this garden investment. There are multiple ways for you to do this including:

  • Foam tape
  • Glazing repair tape to boost connecting panes
  • Repair tape on cracks that cannot be replaced yet
  • Close doors and windows
  • Secure a sliding door so it cannot be blown open

If you have a plastic greenhouse it is important to weigh it down and ideally, connect it to a wall if you can. If a storm is on its way you should zip the greenhouse right up and perhaps consider moving any pots onto lower levels.


Add Extra Weights To Anything That Is Not Fixed Down

If there are items in the garden that are not fixed down but they are liable to rip up or fall over in the wind, they need to either be put away or pinned down. You can do this with sand, rocks, gravel or anything heavy you have lying around. This is particularly important with garden netting or fleece which can easily come unstuck and rip in the wind.

If you can, try decluttering the garden of loose items that don’t need to be out, like old plant pots. You could put them in the shed, in a crate or in a cheap self storage unit by with other seasonal items you have stored there.


Put Garden Furniture Into Self Storage

Any garden furniture can be covered with waterproof material but realistically if you have a very windy garden it is much better off in cheap self storage by Cheap self storage is dry, secure and affordable, enabling you to avoid filling up the garage or shed with items like garden furniture which can easily get in the way. Cushion covers and wooden furniture is also protected from chewing and nesting from common pests that like to find their way into sheds and other outdoor storage spaces.



Winterising is where you put plants that will struggle with cold weather into a warmer space, like a greenhouse. You can also wrap them in fleece, put straw on them or put cardboard underneath them. Doing this is extra important if very cold weather is forecast, or if snow is on the way. You don’t have to use fancy garden materials. You can use old coffee sacks, cardboard, straw and even the cut leaves of the plant if those leaves are large, like those on a gunnera.


You’re Almost Storm Ready…

The tips above are a really good start if you are trying to make your garden able to handle winter weather that is more on the extreme side. All you need to do now is get in the garden and get the preparation done. Once the storm comes you’ll be really pleased you made the effort, especially with areas of the garden you treasure, like the greenhouse or precious plants you don’t want to succumb to frost.







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