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What Is An Impact Driver Used For?

Uses Of An Impact Driver

dewalt impact driver

dewalt impact driver

The question is simple. But is the answer simple? Well, if it was you probably wouldn't be looking for this post. 

Let's begin with what is an impact driver.

An impact driver is made for driving screws. They do it with such sheer power that traditional power drills can't reach.

While an impact driver does not accept a keyless chuck. It uses a collet that uses hex-shank bits. 

Even though cordless drills and impact driver looks almost the same at first glance. There are many differences between them.

The key one being they don't accept the same accessories. Traditional power drills are much slower and have less power than an impact driver.

Impact drivers can screw in the longest and fattest screw without any issue. While your traditional drills might fatigue out in the process. Let’s read more to choose the best cordless impact driver and how you use them.


What are the uses of an impact driver?

Bosch impact driver

Bosch impact driver

As we mentioned earlier an impact driver is used mainly used for driving screws and tightening nuts. This process is also known as nut setting.

Impact drivers normally are high-torque tools. Much higher than traditional power drills.

They only accept ¼-inch hex-shank bits. 

You can directly put the bit inside the chuck. Or else you can pull out the chuck enter the bit then put back the chuck on the driver.

They are light-weight and small compared to other members of the drill family. That's why professionals and homeowners prefer using them to save time and effort. 

Because of their torque power, you can do work more efficiently and faster. 

These are not the only case where you use a cordless impact driver.

Suppose you got a nail or a bolt stuck dead beat inside something. You tried your best but couldn't remove it. That's where an impact driver comes in. With the right bit installed, you can pull out that pin without any issue. No matter how hard they are jammed in. 

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Impact drivers can also run in reverse. So not only you are driving screw effortlessly you can also pull them out later with the same tool too.


How to use them:

Impact drivers looks small but packs a strong punch. You need some prior knowledge of how to use them efficiently. 

While you might worry that your handle going to spin uncontrollably but don't worry. That won't happen. 

Impact drivers are capable of directly channeling all the energy to the target. Not the handle. Additionally, a lot of impact driver sets comes with an ergonomic grip to help you handle the driver better.

When it comes to operation impact drivers are fairly similar to traditional drills. The big difference is the high torque which might sound intimidating but it isn't. 

But impact driver is faster and louder than traditional drill.

If you are someone who works in an industry where you need to tighten up lots of screws every day. Trust me, invest some money on an impact driver it will make your work much easier. 


To summarize:

Impact drivers are smaller and lighter.

They have more power than cordless and traditional drills.

They are mainly used to drive in screws.

You can also use it to pull out a screw or jammed in screw which is normally not possible with hand.

They are lighter and smaller thus fitting inside small and compact areas increasing their usefulness.

Compared to traditional drills you need to put less pressure while screwing in conserving your energy in the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best cordless impact driver for you and say bye to driving screw in by hand. 

Trust us on this you will thank us when you finally use one.

We hope we were able to help you understand what is an impact driver used for, what is an impact driver, how they work and how they help you in your work cycle. 

With that said we end it here thank you for reading. 



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