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5 Important Summer Water Saving Tips That Everyone Should Know And Practice

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Summer requires particular water conservation practices because it is during such season that water resources run low. Most people have solid water conservation practices at home but some still fail to observe extra conservation measures during summer.

To help everyone in further improving their water conservation practices and make the most out of low water resources, this post will enlist five of the most important water-saving tips that everyone should faithfully observe during summer.

1. You should use water-saving fixtures and appliances.

When buying appliances, you should always check its Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme or WELS rating. May it be that you’re looking for a new flow controller or a dishwasher, ensure that you are well-aware and duly informed of any unit’s WELS rating.

The WELS rating is effective in helping people plan for the way they want to conserve water by providing ratings that show hum much water is necessary in using a unit, machine, or home appliance. More stars in a rating means that more water will be saved and efficiently used.

It will significantly be easier for you to take full control of your water conservation practices if you opt to buy products and home appliances that are smart and significantly advanced when it comes to conserving water and energy.

During purchase, always make it a point to take note of the unit's flow rate or litres per minute. Flow rates vary depending on the kind and function of a product.


2. Deal with leaking taps.

Leaking taps are troublesome. No one wants to have to deal with such things, apart from the fact that it can cause so much stress, annoyance, and frustration, it also costs a lot to have them repaired. Leaking taps end up wasting a 1,000 litres of water every year so tending to them should always be one’s priority in maintaining a well-kept and fully maintained household.

To effectively avoid having to deal with leaking taps, make it a point to keep a regular schedule dedicated to checking and monitoring all plumbing fixtures and features. Through this, it’d be easy for you to detect and determine if you have leaks that go unnoticed and need fixing.

You can either fix leaks yourself or hire professional and experienced Melville plumbers to easily do all the necessary work. There are numerous DIY websites and YouTube videos that you can refer to if you want if you want to do it yourself. It won’t be that much of a trouble because you’d just need spares and basic tools.  O-rings and washers are very easy to replace. Considering fixing things yourself if you’re handy as it’d save you money for repair costs.


3. Have water-saving aerators.

To extensively save water during summer, you should have taps that have aerators. If your taps are without aerators yet, it’s time to install now.

Aerators effectively help in the conservation of water by reducing water flow without constricting and damaging water pressure. Once installed, not only does it reduce water flow, it also minimizes water spray and effectively helps in the maintenance of a clean and well-kept bathroom.

When looking for an aerator, ensure that you take note of its WELS rating. The more stars there is in the rating, the more water you’d be able to efficiently use and save.

Aerators with lower flow rates are capable of saving thousands of litres of water every year. You can choose aerators that have flow rates of 2L/min or ones with full flow.

Refer to online tutorials and videos if you need guidance in installing aerators on all your taps. The amount of water that you’d be able to save on a yearly basis will be massive if you’d install aerators on all your taps.


4. Have water-saving shower-heads.

Household water usage is 25% solely dedicated to showers that’s why investing in smart water-saving shower-heads is a must. Smart shower-heads with water-conserving designs can save as much as 20,000 litres of water on a yearly basis. Installing water-saving shower-heads will not only allow you to greatly contribute to the global call for water conservation, but it will also allow you to have big savings on your water bills.

When looking for water-saving shower-heads, look for ones that can reduce water usage without affecting water pressure. All shower-heads can be easily installed so you need not hire a professional plumber for such.


5. Be conscious of your shower time.



Your water conservation practice should not be limited to investing in and installing water-saving devices and appliances. You should also personally endeavor to practice responsible water use in every single aspect of your lifestyle. Habits as simple as timing your showers can do so much and save massive amounts of water.

You may think it won’t do much but you better think again because it creates tangible results. Studies show that reducing shower time by just 2 minutes equates to a 30% decrease in one’s water bill. Now that’s some serious saving considering that showers take up 25% of every household’s water usage.

You can easily lessen your shower time by setting your shower timer or using an alarm.


Prioritize Water Conservation

Water is life. It is the most important resource that allows humans to survive and thrive on the planet so it’s best that we exert effort and do our part in conserving it at all times. Every little act goes a long way.







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