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07 Factors That Affect Scroll Saw’s Longevity | Scroll Saw Maintenance Tips & Guides with Videos

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Scroll Saw Maintenance Guides - DIY

How to maintain a scroll saw

How to maintain a scroll saw


A scroll saw is a reliable and most delicate power tool a woodworker can use. You need one if you're doing any kind of inlay work, and the scroll saw is also a helpful tool for cutting and doing other types of complex joinery. From the most elaborate of intarsia to simple sophistication of dovetail joints, the best scroll saw allows you to design an authentic, most accurate cut on your wood. You do not know how to keep your scroll saw save? this article discusses 7 Factors That Affect Scroll Saw's Longevity aimed at helping those who are into crafts and handworks take care of their tool correctly and provide them with years of scrolling pleasure.


1. Ensure Proper Power supply:

Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw

 The power switch, speed control, and pressure lever ideally should all be found at the end of the saw's arm within comfortable reach. The pressure lever and power switch are much more useful if they are close to the upper blade holders since with most scroll work you require to stop and support the blade through dozen of holes. Most people undo the blade from the top blade holder to support the blade through a hole. Some instead find it easier to undo the bottom holder. Furthermore, you may occasionally want to tighten the tension or adjust the speed control to get enough proper power while in the middle of your cut, so it is great to have these buttons within easy reach.


2. Proper Job thickness:

The thickness of the wood will affect the type of blade you use. You will want a blade that has fewer teeth per inch when it comes to a thick wood. The opposite will be true with thinner wood. As a rule of thumb, you would want to always have at least 4 teeth in the wood at any given moment. 3 teeth will do if it is very thought wood. The reason for this is because if you have too many teeth, the sawdust has no way of clearing out, which causes the blade to heat up and the wood to start to burn. Having too many teeth in the wood will cause the teeth to catch onto the wood, causing it to go out of control on the table.


3.Right blade selection:

Spiral - This is most complex of all blades. These blades are efficiently a standard blade that has been bent into a spiral so that all its side parts have teeth. They cut accurately in any direction and therefore need a little bit of training to get used to them. By having teeth on all sides indicates they will make much more massive cuts; nevertheless, you can make more meaningful cuts on the saw faster because you don't have to rotate your work piece around on the table. Highly accurate portrait designs are best cut with spirals.

Flat End Spiral - Similar as a spiral, however, it has a flat end for easier installation in the saw. It is highly valued over a regular spiral.

Reverse Spiral - Also similar as a spiral but with every third tooth in the opposite direction for more accurate cuts and fewer burrs

Metal Cutting Blades - High TPI for cutting metal


4. Considering blade tensioning and proper tightening:




Every saw has a different method to tension on the blade, but it all comes down to finding the right tightness for the blade. When inserting a blade, you clamp it to the upper and lower armature. Once it's tight, set the tension with the change knob. Some strollers tap the blade and hear for a high C note. The point is that an appropriately tensioned blade is tight enough to sound like a musical instrument string. If the blade is too tight and pressed too hard when sawing, it will break. However, if the blade is too loose and catches in the wood, it's also likely to break.


5. Schedule cleaning after completion of the job:

Don't leave the tension on the blade, it will fatigue the arm.

The proper changing of a scroll saw blade is necessary for maintaining the saw's effectiveness and the protection of the user. Blades that are used often may demand constant changing; continuous maintenance of all equipment is necessary to benefit out of the saw.

Always remember to lubricate the machine to prevent it from rusting and working effectively.


6. Proper Throat selection according to your job size:

If you are thinking of cutting larger projects, then you should consider the depth of the throat. A small throat will restrict how large a piece you can turn around on the table while you cut. Many will not see this as a big deal since it is somewhat tricky and unpleasant to turn around large pieces of wood on a scroll saw. This restriction can also be avoided by the usage of spiral blades which don't need any rotation. Also, consider the size of the table since it can be tough to work on a project while some of your wood is hanging off on the side of the table.


7. Set perfect RPM (Cutting speed):

Scroll saw offer variable speed and you should not have a problem finding this feature in any price range. Some have one rate, while others come with two, and still, others are adjustable to most any RPM. Sometimes you need to slow it down to avoid the blade from burning the edges of the wood, other times you will want to reduce the blade down just to cut slower while some scroll saws demand to be belt to adjust the speed. A higher speed of 1,200 - 1,800 RPM is needed to cut a very hardwood in order to get an excellent cut while a lower rate of 400 - 800 RPM may be used to cut a softer wood. It is highly recommended to get a saw an electronic speed control that offers both slow and fast, which will give you some flexibility without really paying for it.

Scroll sawing could be a bit challenging if you're a novice, but if you are really into arts and decorations or designs that are very detailed, you could find yourself enjoying your scroll saw and having one could be of great benefits and could also be your way to have a new hobby. This could also be a source of your income if you intend or if you happened to sell your work. These general guidelines of 7 Factors That Affect Scroll Saw's Longevity will help in keeping your tool safe for further use.


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