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Innovative Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas And How to Run Them Successfully | DIY on home renovation

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Remodeling your bathroom might sound like an easy thing to take on but actually, it can be quite a complicated task. Before deciding to strip down the old tiles and choose the new bathroom decor, you need to make sure you understand the nature of work that is involved.

First and foremost, bathroom remodeling can be an expensive thing to do as estimated by Cost vs Value Remodeling - it goes over $10.000 on average. Still, if you are smart and decide to carry out a lot of the work yourself, it is possible to do it on a tight budget. A smaller budget may range anywhere between $1.000 and $3.000 as estimated by This Old House. If you want to consider the bottom line, you should know that, if you ever decide it is time to sell your house, a nice and inviting bathroom will definitely bring the price up. Before you even start, think of bathroom remodeling as a long term thing, something that will last for years, if done properly. Also, not rushing into finishing everything at once might be a good idea. If you decide to do it, keep the next 10 years in mind since it is not a simple task to do.

Piping is Important

You’ve stripped down the old tiles and now you are ready to do the remodeling. But before you do anything, it is a smart idea to call in a plumber to check the pipes and vents out. You don’t want to put all of that hard work just to find out there is a leakage somewhere!

Look for a plumber in your area who will come in to assess if everything in your bathroom is as it should be before laying the new tiles.

Mix Tiles and Paint

Tiles can cost a small fortune, especially if you set your eye on some nice designer tiles. Decide if you will be able to replace the tiles yourself or get a contractor to do it for you.

To save money on this part of the renovation, use both tiles and paint. Tiles should be used in the area which will be exposed to water - around the bath or the shower. The best solution is to cover the entire bathroom floor in tiles, yet you don’t need to go over the top and choose the most expensive ones if you are on a budget. Instead, you can take a few designer tiles which will break the uniform look. Choose the designer tiles first and then find some plain cheaper tiles that match the base color.

As for the paint, you can use a contrasting color to the tiles to add character to the bathroom. If your chosen tiles are bright in color, you can paint the walls in a warm deep red color or if you fancy the Mediterranean look, go for blue.

Update the Fixtures

When it comes to renovation, the details count and something as small as a new faucet can make a big difference. After all, it is not a nice thing to look at an old rusty faucet when everything else in your bathroom looks spotless.

Such small fixtures do not cost a lot and they are easy to replace. Make sure you don’t overlook them.

Know What to Replace and What to Refinish

One of the best tips you will ever receive if you are trying to save money is to reuse what you already have by giving it a refreshed look. The same goes for the bathroom as well, but some things are cheaper to replace than to refinish.

Your tub, for example, can be refinished. If you can’t do it yourself, hiring someone to do it will still cost you less than buying a new one. However, refinishing the sink or the shower fixtures will ultimately cost you more than getting new ones.

Think About Toiletries

Toiletries belong in the bathroom and something which we often forget about is making room for them during the renovations. Not having where to store them properly will result in piling shampoos and conditioners around the bath which does not only look untidy but can also do some stains.

Think about shower organizers and if you really want them in your bathroom. A good idea is to make use of a recessed cubby. They are available to buy in the market but if you are feeling confident, you can make one yourself. You would need to cut a hole in the wall. Don’t make it too large and risk making a hole through the wall. Even it out and lay matching tiles in it. As simple as that!

Don’t Forget About Decor

When you think of decor, you probably think of all the other rooms in your home apart from the bathroom. Bathroom decor can make a real difference in making it more inviting and more enjoyable. And still, for some reason, the majority of the bathrooms you are going to see in your life will be plain and boring.

Don’t be afraid to put some greenery in your bathroom - a nice plant in the corner can bring in a lot of positive vibes. Shelves can also be a great solution - they are not only useful as storage units, but they are useful as decoration since you can add things such as candles and diffusers which will make the entire bathroom atmosphere cozier.

The lighting fixtures can also make a great change. If your bathroom is large, you can go for a hanging chandelier which will definitely bring in a feeling of lavishness. For smaller bathrooms, opt-in for more discreet fixtures, yet pick something stylish.

Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy task yet the final product can be absolutely mind-blowing. Don’t think about design only - think about functionality and quality as well. You don’t do such renovations every day, which is why it is important to take all aspects into consideration. Even if you invest a bit more money than you intended to it will be worthwhile in the long run.


​Above mentioned 6 points are very common but effective ways to remodel your home, bathrooms. Decoration is more subjective and goes by person to person regarding choices and taste. But feel free to ​hire Professional Re-modellers when needed as you don't want to ruin your gorgeous bathroom to save some money.

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