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4 Types of Home Security systems – which is best

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Installing a home security system was paramount for me as a homeowner, due to its safety advances that are much needed in today's time. Although it was a bit tricky in deciding on which security system should I opt for?

As there are a ton of options available in the market with each option providing a good set of offers, it is a tough decision to choose the one product while installing home security systems.

Here are some of the options that I explored while choosing a home security system for my home:-

Fully Monitored Security System

Installing a home security system

Installing a home security system

It has been the oldest security system for homeowners to go for. Although many might dismiss it as an old system, it has certainly gone through many changes and upgrades over the years. This has made them more reliable and integrated into everyday life. These units use a base system that connects to all the doors, windows, and other entry points of the house. Many of these systems also include a camera that can view all the vantage points of the property.

Homeowners can also arm their base unit system while they leave their house.  A fully monitored security system allows a thorough layer of protection that almost everyone counts on while installing a home security system Although, this system requires a monthly fee for its monitoring services.

Unmonitored Alarms

People who do not wish to pay a monthly fee for their monitoring services like a fully monitored security system can go for an unmonitored system instead. Just like the former, they have a system of base units that connects itself to all the entry points in the home.

The biggest difference between both of these units is that when the alarm goes off, the homeowners will have to respond to the problem in person. This way it can create operational problems. Depending on the security system that you have installed it may send you a virtual message or an audible alarm for the same.

Private Camera systems

security system

security system

These systems have become quite popular in recent years as they are efficient in keeping the homeowners updated. Even if the homeowners are at home or not, they can easily view all the vantage points at the click of a button. These cameras are also efficient in detecting motion and sending a notification to the user to let him know the updates.

Electric Current Alarms

These arms are included in new homes. The difference is that instead of using a base unit, they have individual sensors on each door and window. Once the entry points are opened they make a brief alarm to let every resident know the status of the household.

With a deep understanding of all these different types of home security systems, it is possible to find your ideal choice for installing a home security system. The best part about installing a home security system has helped me to get peace of mind knowing that my house is monitored well. 

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