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5 Main Differences Between An Interesting And A Boring Home Exterior

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Differences Between An Interesting And A Boring Home Exterior

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Even well-kept homes with nice lines sometimes look a bit drab from outside. A home whose exterior lacks personality will be less enjoyable to own and also command less on the market.

Fortunately, there are some simple, affordable ways to liven up any home's look and make it a lot more interesting. There are five well-established ways the most appealing, engaging home exteriors stand out from the rest.

Attractive Homes Almost Always Excel in Five Important Areas

A home's layout and paint will always contribute to its overall level of charm and attractiveness when viewed from the street. While such basics are important, it tends to be more particular details that make the exteriors of certain homes really pop.

A handful of these issues are so important and noticeable that homeowners simply cannot afford to overlook them. The five most significant differences between interesting home exteriors and boring ones are:

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  • Windows with character. Just about everyone knows that the gazes of human beings are naturally drawn to the eyes of others. The windows of homes have the same level of visual centrality and should always be treated accordingly. Whether a home has a few street-facing windows or a dozen, each of these portals needs to be endowed with a strong, appealing cosmetic presence. Even something as simple as adding Decorative Window Film can make a home a lot more visually interesting in a single stroke. When the time arrives to replace or upgrade a home's windows, it will always pay to think about ornamental impact just as much as efficiency and functionality.
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  • Doors that make an impression. If a home's windows contribute most directly to the overall quality of its appearance, visible doors will never be far behind. Just as with windows, the eyes of onlookers are naturally drawn to the doors of homes and will weight their visual contributions generously. With billions of dollars' worth of residential doors being sold each year, it should never be necessary to settle for an overly pedestrian or forgettable look. Fortunately, doors tend to be easy to upgrade, making it practical and affordable to give a home a quick facelift.
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  • Distinctive, attractive lighting. Whether a home is being viewed at night or with the sun high overhead, the lights attached to its exterior will attract attention. A single lantern hanging tastefully over a home's front door can add a great deal of visual interest to the facade. Other types of residential lighting improve the looks of exteriors both with the illumination they provide and their own appealing appearances. As with doors and windows, residential lighting upgrades and redesign projects also tend to be quite approachable and cost-effective.
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  •   Awnings, dormers, and other accents. Some residential exteriors end up looking flat because they mostly are. Elements that break the plane of a home's facade and extend toward viewers will do away with such problems. Adding some awnings to a home can be an excellent way to make its exterior more visually interesting. If a major remodeling project is being planned, it can be helpful to think about how options like dormers might work out in practice.


  • High-quality hardware. It might not be very visible from afar, but the quality of a home's exterior hardware will impact its looks significantly. Old, ugly handles or hinges will make a home seem drab and unkempt. Once again, freshening up exterior hardware tends to be quite affordable.


Any Home's Exterior Can be Made More Interesting

Some homes' exteriors end up seeming boring despite having plenty of latent potential. Focusing on these five areas should always make it possible to make a home's exterior more visually interesting and appealing.



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